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 The Creation

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PostSubject: The Creation   Mon Mar 16, 2015 9:35 pm

Pain sat upon his tree he had made in the woods. Right now he was conversing with Kokou about something that would help every ninja village." So I suggest that you call out to all kages and offer them to send one ninja to Umi so you can create that one ninja anything they want " said Kouko. Pain thought about it that would be a good idea. He smiled and began to tell Kokou a message that he would send to Kikato, Hikari, Kirito, and Arcanis. He did not bother to tell Gwyn as he would get Roland to come." Kokou send a message to Kikato, Hikari, Kirito and Arcanis telling them to send one ninja to come to Umi and get any item they ask of from Pain Uchiha. Also tell them that Pain will not make items that are not necessary. Also tell them this is not a trap if they do choose a ninja tell them to choose that ninja wisely " said Pain. He played back in his tree waiting for multiple ninja to come. It seemed that it would be a long week. Pain almost fell out of the tree because he forgot about Kaito. Pain grabbed a messenger hawk from a nearby tree and tied a note to it telling Kaito exactly what he told Kokou.
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The Creation
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