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 Wisdom Form

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PostSubject: Wisdom Form   Wisdom Form EmptyTue Mar 17, 2015 8:19 pm

Name: Wisdom Form
Rank: B
Jutsu Type:
Duration/Cooldown: 5 posts / End of topic
Range: personal
Base Power:
Base Speed: 60

Appearance: The User is emersed in light that dissipates changing their clothes to an outfit similar to the on in the pictures. The User can also have 1 free summon of their keyblades one of their hands.
Wisdom Form Sora-Wisdom-Form-kingdom-hearts-2-19062446-1024-768

What it does: While in Wisdom Form The Chozen gain an advantage in Jutsu combat. This Form increases the users Chakra by 60 points. Additionally the user is able to slide around on the ground on a one inch layer of chakra. This does not increase or decrease speed or manuverability in anyway other than it allows max speed to be acheived without the one post half speed start up. However the user can slide around by will of thought and does not need to run or even be standing up straight for that matter. This also increases the range of all ranged jutsu the user uses by 5 meters. All these last the duration of the jutsu. During this time however only one keyblade may be weilded by the user and all physical damage dealt by the keyblade is reduced to 0.

The Wisdom Armor Also replaces the users Armor apperance while in this form adding these effects.
The Wisdom Armor has 70 Health. And the ability:
When Entering this form the user ends the cooldown on all jutsu they know with a post counter, so jutsu that are usable once a topic are unaffected.

Due to this being a Drive Jutsu Exclusively for Chozen as a bloodline jutsu a Drive Form put's all other forms on Cooldown as well.

Wordcount to learn: free to Chozen who have reached B rank
Chakra Cost: 30 activation 20 upkeep
Bonus Requirements: Must be Chozen, must have at least 5 different keyblades

Backstory:The Wisdom Form is the second of 4 forms that a Chozen learns as a part of their bloodline. Wisdom is the next Attribute that a Chozen must learn on their walk toward mastery.

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PostSubject: Re: Wisdom Form   Wisdom Form EmptyTue Mar 17, 2015 8:24 pm


Wisdom Form U2rAezi

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Wisdom Form
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