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 Shibuki(The Blastsword)

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PostSubject: Shibuki(The Blastsword)   Shibuki(The Blastsword) EmptyTue Jan 20, 2015 2:55 pm

Name: Shibuki
Appearance: Shibuki(The Blastsword) Shibuki_%28espada%29
The blade utilises various explosive tags, contained within a substantial scroll, in order to incorporate explosions into the user's own swordsmanship, earning it the title of "blastsword" (爆刀, bakutō). The sword itself features two distinct sides, with a narrow cutting edge located down the entirety of one length and a wide platform section on the other. The aforementioned scroll unrolls along this latter side, sliding downwards and resting atop its surface to form an individual segment comprised from numerous explosive tags, which separates from the remainder upon detonation.
The sword is 7 feet long with the blade being 6 feet long.


Health: 150
Sharpness: 150
Special Abilities:

Blastsword Technique: Blasting Bridle Repeating Death:
Due to this sword being created able to generate an infinite number of explosive tags, it can perform devastating abilities such as this one. This ability allows the user to sever a number of explosive tags with one swing of the blade using the force of the swing to push the explosive tags toward the target. The explosions happen simultaneously with a combined speed and power of 150. The range of the explosion is 15 meters. The range the user can send the tags is 15 meters. This ability lasts for 1 post with a 5 post cooldown. The activation cost is 20CP

Great Explosion Circle:
This ability uses the sheet of explosive tags on the sword without the blade. The user swings the sword aiming a circle with a radius up to 15meters around an opponent or opponents. The sheet of explosive tags the flies from the sword to create the circle the user has drawn with their sword. The circle of tags creates 80 back to back explosions with a range of 15 meters and a power and speed of 150. This ability lasts for 2 posts with a 12 post cooldown. The activation cost for this ability is 65CP.

Price: N/A
Character Specific: N/A
Bonus Requirements: Must be rolled for.
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PostSubject: Re: Shibuki(The Blastsword)   Shibuki(The Blastsword) EmptyTue Jan 20, 2015 6:36 pm


Shibuki(The Blastsword) U2rAezi

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Shibuki(The Blastsword)
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