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 Recruiting a Immortal(P,NK,SP,Psychosis)

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PostSubject: Recruiting a Immortal(P,NK,SP,Psychosis)   Sat Mar 28, 2015 7:17 pm

After a really long day of training within the Akatsuki Base Pain had decided to go out and enjoy himself and by that he meant it was time to get drunk. Sure he was only 21 but hey a guy had to have some fun most of the time. Plus he might meet someone to join in on the Akatsuki. Pain right now was walking within the front door of the bar of course their were body guards guarding the door as this was one of those personal bars where they did the card games. But Pain didn't care he could kill the two in a millisecond but he was not going to do that. His 3 tomoe Sharingan flashed for a second looking into the eyes of the guards. Pain went in the door without the guards doing anything to him. He went toward the drink counter and sat down on a stool looking at a cute waitress coming up to him asking what he wanted to drink. Pain thought about it then finally said " Just get me something really strong ". The waitress turned around and started spinning bottles and pouring stuff in the cup Pain tired of watching turned around seeing all the people inside of the bar he would ruin there lovely night but he chose not to. He felt a hand tap him on his shoulder so he turned around face to fave with a cup with clear liquid in side. Pain threw the waitress a small handful of Ryo then gulped the drink down. But he regretted it as he felt the heat on the inside of his throat burning he had gagged then finally got ahold of himself. Instantly he felt drowsy he knew this feeling he was drunk the drink the lady gave him was really powerful.

302 words
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Recruiting a Immortal(P,NK,SP,Psychosis)
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