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 Learning the Generic Sealing/Summoning Technique

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Yutaka Nagakura
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PostSubject: Learning the Generic Sealing/Summoning Technique   Sat Mar 28, 2015 11:49 pm

Yutaka pulled out the scroll on the Generic Sealing/Summoning technique that he had borrowed from the library located in Umi Port. He also pulled out a blank scroll and ripped a leaf off of the tree nearby. He just needed a medium to seal as he had no Kunai or anything else to seal. Yutaka then sat down and opened up the scroll on the technique. He had only skimmed it at the library and didn't bother fully reading through it, he then realized he needed to write out the seal. He read the scroll and learned how to activate the seal, he then wrote the seal on the scroll and placed the leaf on top of the seal. After the small puff of smoke disappeared, he saw the kanji for leaf within the seal. He then touched the seal and activated it with his chakra making the Leaf come out of the seal. Yutaka was happy that he was successful in this, it was extremely similar to Fuinjutsu and that's maybe why it was so easy as well.

[WC: 180]
[Claiming Generic Sealing/Summoning Technique]

Yutaka Nagakura

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Shinmaru Aburame
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PostSubject: Re: Learning the Generic Sealing/Summoning Technique   Sun Mar 29, 2015 12:32 am


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Learning the Generic Sealing/Summoning Technique
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