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 Inner Boil Skill

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PostSubject: Inner Boil Skill   Sun Mar 29, 2015 8:54 am

Name: Inner Boil Skill
Appearance: User glows a red tint and begins steaming.
What it does: Enables the user to be immune to all Ryugu-Jo ice techniques. (Does not require a CP cost for that) They'll also be able to lower other ice technique resistance requirements by 50. (This requires CP cost)

Since the skill raises the user's body temperature, they can "burn" seals off of their bodies at the Chakra cost of that seal +10. (Ie. An A-Rank seal is placed on the user. They can "burn" the seal off at a Chakra cost of 50)

Wordcount: 5000
Chakra Cost: 40 CP to activate and 20 CP to keep on.
Bonus Requirements: Kaito only

Backstory: -

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Inner Boil Skill
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