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 Inner Eye

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PostSubject: Inner Eye   Sun Mar 29, 2015 5:00 pm

Name: Inner Eye
Rank: S
Jutsu Type: Typeless
Element: None
Duration/Cool down: Explained Below
Range: Explained Below
Base Power: Explained Below
Base Speed: Explained Below


What it does: After watching the opponent fight for 10 posts Pain is able to copy any ability a opponent use in a post like he is mimicking them here is an example. Pain watches Kirito successfully activate V2 of 3 tails and then use bijuu bomb. Once Pain see the techniques being used on his turn to post right after the techniques were used Pain can mimic his opponent and use the exactly same techniques but only in the post after the opponent's techniques were used. Pain is able to mimic only Ninjutsu, Medical, Taijutsu, and Space Time. Pain can mimic the jitsu even if he does not have the element or correct amount of chakra etc. Pain reaction time rises by 200 while using this jutsu. To use this ability costs 100 CP with a 25 CP per post. The amount you can use this jutsu is infinite but if you stop using this jutsu you have to wait 2x the posts you used it.

Wordcount to learn: 5,000
Chakra Cost: 100/25 post
Bonus Requirements: Be one of the 7 people taught to by Pain
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Anbu Captain

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PostSubject: Re: Inner Eye   Fri Apr 03, 2015 8:25 am

Yeah, no. The whole way you've designed this jutsu is completely broken. Even Arcanis' Adam Seed is more balanced than this, to a small extent.


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Inner Eye
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