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 Secret Technique: MInd Body Eternal Combining

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PostSubject: Secret Technique: MInd Body Eternal Combining   Wed Apr 01, 2015 7:35 pm

Name: Secret Technique: Mind Body Eternal Combining
Rank: SS
Jutsu Type: Ninjutsu/Kinjutsu
Element: N/A
Duration/Cooldown: Permanent/ twice per topic
Range: N/A
Base Power: N/A
Base Speed: N/A

Appearance: Upon combination a bright white light is emitted from the body before they permanently gain characteristics of their bijuu (ie kurama would gain a fox tail and ears, isobu would gain a harder skin and yellow eyes)

What it does: By combining the Yin and Yang chakra of Jinchuriki and Bijuu, Hikari is able to bring the pair into the highest form of symbiosis possible, essentially making the two become the same entity in all senses. Upon activation the target will glow as their body changes into a permanent partial transformation into their bijuu, as they have now become one with the bijuu itself. By doing this, the newly combined entity gains a passive +50 to all stats due to their body now surpassing that of a normal humans. They are still able to access all cloaks, along with full beast transformation. Also, due to the bijuu’s consciouness still existing it is still able to gather sage chakra for the entity. Due to the new entity becoming a bijuu it is impossible to extract the bijuu from them in exchange for them being able to be sealed away by bijuu sealing jutsu.

Wordcount required: 6k
Chakra Cost: 100CP
Bonus Requirements: Be taught by/ be Hikari Ootsutsuki

History: Hikari noticed the one problem in being a jinchuriki. People came at you, and they tried to extract your bijuu. But what if that wasn’t possible? What if you yourself were the bijuu? Weighing the consequences, Hikari decided it was worth the risk and with the permission of Chomei eventually developed a technique to meld the two together via chakra into one singular being.


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PostSubject: Re: Secret Technique: MInd Body Eternal Combining   Thu Apr 02, 2015 12:50 am

I'll tell you right now this can't be permanent and since you are the bijuu you can't access the cloaks or full beast since you already are the full beast
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Secret Technique: MInd Body Eternal Combining
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