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 Looking for New Jutsu

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Yutaka Nagakura
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Looking for New Jutsu Empty
PostSubject: Looking for New Jutsu   Looking for New Jutsu EmptyFri Apr 03, 2015 9:28 am

Yutaka had 20 scrolls laid out in-front of him, he had borrowed them from the Umi Port library. He had wanted to learn some new jutsu so that he could become stronger, so he had picked out 20 S-Ranked jutsu scrolls varying from specialty to specialty. Only 2 had caught his eye though, the Flying Thunder God technique and Lighting Release Armor. Jutsu that could only be taught to you by a Kage, Yutaka was going to attempt to learn these jutsu and set off on an adventure across the land. First he would probably go to the Hokage and ask him first, then go to see the Raikage and ask him.

[Thread was solely for the purpose of Char Development]

Yutaka Nagakura
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Looking for New Jutsu
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