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 Forbbiden Technique: Impure World Ressurection

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Kikato "L" Rinku

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PostSubject: Forbbiden Technique: Impure World Ressurection   Sun Apr 12, 2015 8:41 pm

Mission Name: Forbidden Technique: Impure World Resurection
Rank: S rank
Type: Intel and retrieval
Character Requirements: This mission can only be done if there is an opening for the Edo Tensei limited technique.
Mission Location: The Desert in the Wind country.
Word Count Requirements: 7,000
Repeatable? yes
NPC? Yes, an admin will NPC
Reward: 10,000 ryo and Edo Tensei.

The Secrets are out there, and you have a Choice, you can attempt to find them on your own, or ask the local Kage for Help, as no one knows the Desert better then the Kage, either way, you must seek the Secerts of Learning what all this techniques entail's, and you must be willing to be ready to do whatever you must to learn this technique


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Forbbiden Technique: Impure World Ressurection
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