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 Hurricane Grill and Wings

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PostSubject: Hurricane Grill and Wings   Mon Apr 13, 2015 5:08 pm

Welcome to Hurricane Grill and Wings! Perhaps one of the finest restaurants in Ukiyoe!......oh who are we kidding, this isn't exactly a restaurant with the game room and pool table in the back, but you get the point. Besides our world famous wings and other dishes that people swear leave them feeling euphoric for hours, we also have a.....side business operating within for selling miscellaneous items. So why don't you come on in, have a gander at Hurricane Grill!

Note: while Hurricane Grills does indeed make a profit off of the sales made here, please note that 50% of all purchases goes to fund the landlord A.K.A our favorite Kazekage.


Hurricane Grill and Wings Steak Knife Set


Hurricane Grill and Wings Souvenir Shirt



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Hurricane Grill and Wings
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