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 [WIP] Ootsustuki, Hakuma

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Hakuma Otsutsuki
Hakuma Otsutsuki

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PostSubject: [WIP] Ootsustuki, Hakuma   Wed Apr 15, 2015 2:07 am

Name: Hakuma Otsutsuki
- Shiroyasha [White Demon]
- Shadow of White [Shiro no Kage]
- Sage of the White Eye [Byakugan no Sennin]
- Sage of Taijutsu [Taijutsu no Sennin]
Age: 23
Birthday: March 5
Gender: Male



Hakuma is a tall man with a slender, frail almost physical body. He is limber and shows little to no muscle with the exception of his abdominal muscles which hold a vague six pack. His body boasts weakness despite his very harsh training in the way of Taijutsu, his muscles general appearance is weak yet os as strong as the average person should be.

He has pale skin some could describe it as so pale it is white. This skin is free of any marks and physical alterations, such as tattoos, scars and birth marks. It is considered unnatural yet it doesn't burn like a normal pale person would, instead it is as though it reflects the suns rays entirely since he has never been sunburnt despite being outside a lot.

Hakuma's face is slim, and is somewhat rectangular. It is quite symmetrical and is cheek bones are high with tight set lips, his nose is not very pronounced. On his forehead Hakuma has two horn-like protrusions which with his skin and eyes earned him his moniker of Shiroyasha. He has no eyebrows and a serious look from his face alone.

He has pale eyes, white and no iris as he possesses the Byakugan. His white eyes are very dull yet filled with lustre. In his childhood they projected excitement and had a featureless "goldfish stare" as some called it, in the present however his gaze is more humble and serious which is either intimidating or not.

His hair is long and white, reaching his waist like a mountain covered in fresh snow. His fringe is swept to his left to form bangs while his right side has a chin-length lock. His hair is in no way altered, his waist length hair flows freely behind him, it is soft and silky to touch suggesting he grooms it when it is much further from the fact he doesn't groom it.

In regards to clothing Hakuma wears kimonos, he usually wears white and black with white the dominate colour. His most worn one is a light white full length kimono with a pattern of six magatama around a high collar and loose dark pants. He is also seen wearing multiple cloaks which are usually white, black or red.

He is also seen in a second outfit, that of which is what he wears for training and makes his students wear for training. It is a loose fitting top that is held closed by a white obi, the obi also holds the black loose pants. (This outfit is the Shinigami Outfit in Bleach)

Personality: Your characters personality, please provide at minimum a paragraph describing it.

History: Your characters history. Please provide 150+ words if you are applying for a regular character and 300+ words if applying for a Bijuu

• Peace
• Learning/Studying/Researching
• Order
• Cherry Blossoms
• Snakes and their poison
• Dragons
• Leading
• Justice
• Selflessness
• Black and White

• Evil People
• War
• Unnecessary War/Killing
• Arrogance
• Lust/Lust for Power
• Self Beneficial Quests
• Greed
• Chaos

Ninja Traits

Rank: B-Rank | Special Jonin
Village: Neutral, affiliates with Konohagakure a lot
Element(s): What elements you have, rules for this can be found here.
Clan: Ootsutsuki Clan

Bijuu Request: N/A



(C)-Strength- Power of physical attacks, how much they can lift and how much they can understandably carry.
(C)-Locomotive Speed- Used to determine how fast someone can attack, run or throw.
(B)-Reaction Speed- Used to determine how they react to attacks, movement of limbs in a stationary position and such.
(B)-Health- Used to determine how many hits one can take.


(C)-Thought Speed- Used to determine the speed of the user's thought, this is like reaction but for planning.
(D)-Jutsu Knowledge- Used to determine how many highest rank jutsu you can use(Rank above you)
(C)-Willpower- Used to resist mental attacks/effects
(D)-Mental Sharpness- Used to determine power of mental attacks/effects


(B)-Chakra Capacity- Used to determine how many jutsus user can cast
(C)-Sealing and Spacial/Time- Used to determine how fast jutsus of this kind are activated/speed/power.
(B)-Medical and Physical Enhancement-
(C)-Ninjutsu and Kinjutsu-
(C)-Poisons and Puppetry-

The Player

Other Characters: N/A
Roleplay Sample: A cold night, the air felt even colder while people were inside happily by their fires. The village stood before the white demon. Konohagakure. The village was quiet and the rain was close to starting, although the village was quite the shinoni knew something would happen.

Hakuma's pale white eyes stared over the beautiful village, when the rain began so did the action. The once quite streets lit up with action, people rushed out in masks and with weapons it appears as though they have been infiltrated.

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Kirito the Forest Sage
Kirito the Forest Sage

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Character sheet
Character Name: Kirito Senju
Clan: Senju
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PostSubject: Re: [WIP] Ootsustuki, Hakuma   Wed Apr 15, 2015 2:56 am

before you go further, wanderer is closed at the moment and the highest you could normally start is Genin/D rank but right now we are allowing new members to start Special-Jounin/B rank and below. Also we don't do pseudo Jin but you can roll for Kurama on thursday
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Kirito the Forest Sage
Kirito the Forest Sage

Posts : 1817
Join date : 2015-01-14
Age : 26

Character sheet
Character Name: Kirito Senju
Clan: Senju
Element: Water, Earth, Lightning, Wood, Coral

PostSubject: Re: [WIP] Ootsustuki, Hakuma   Sat May 16, 2015 6:03 pm

giving 24 hours before this is deleted
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PostSubject: Re: [WIP] Ootsustuki, Hakuma   

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[WIP] Ootsustuki, Hakuma
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