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 Dark Wing Manifestation

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Kohei "Light" Shichisei

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PostSubject: Dark Wing Manifestation   Fri Apr 24, 2015 3:31 pm

Name: Dark Wing Manifestation
Rank: A
Jutsu Type: Body Enhancement/Ninjutsu
Element: -
Duration/Cooldown:5 post/ 2 post
Range:Self{defense} 50meters {attack}

 The appearance of this jutsu depends on the form it is commanded to take, when first activated four black wings segmented from the body are form, each wing looks like that of spinning black wind which when harden turn into black like angel wings.  In the shield form the user is coated by the wings which forms a black ball that makes the dark wind turn into black like feathers. In Tendril form it allows the ball to send out spikes from the ball in the color of black or the wings when unfurled turn into four large sharp drills.

What it does:
This jutsu allows the user to form the hand signs Dragon-Horse-Bull-Rat, which then creates four large like angel wings that are segmented from the user's back.  Two wings on each side of the users back are formed {this is to be specific on the placing}.  Once done this allows the user to command the wings to take shape of the users demand. The shapes are as followed:

  • Shield: This allows the user to command the wings to form around the body and harden into black like feathers coating the user behind dark like armor.  The strength of the feathers are equal to that of the user that performed Dark Wing Manifestation.

  • Tendril: This allows the user to command the wings to form into four large sharp blades which can be shot at the target, the speed of the blades being shot are around the same as the user's speed minus one rank. The strength of the blades are equal to the user's current strength. This attack can also be used in shield form of which spikes shoot out from all sides of the ball at a distance of 25 meters each spike having speed equal to the jutsu and strength as well equal to the jutsu

  • Flight: This allows the user to take flight for a short duration of the time, flight can only be used for a total of 2 posts before becoming inactive again.

Chakra Capacity Used: Shield takes up 1B rank chakra capacity, Tendril Normal form takes up 1 C rank chakra capacity Tendril Shield form takes up 1A rank chakra capacity, Flight takes up 1 C rank chakra capacity

Wordcount to learn: 3000
Bonus Requirements: Used Permanent Body Transformation

This jutsu was formed after the creation of permanent body transformation because of the different color hued chakra that came from the jutsu.  After being created there were two forms of this jutsu White wing manifestation or Dark wing manifestation, it was created solely for the purpose of those who erased their bloodline as only those with black or white chakra could only use this jutsu.

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Kirito the Forest Sage

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PostSubject: Re: Dark Wing Manifestation   Fri Apr 24, 2015 3:48 pm

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Dark Wing Manifestation
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