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 Arcanis The Infinite

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PostSubject: Arcanis The Infinite   Fri Jan 23, 2015 12:22 am

Arcanis Uzumaki

Rank: S rank so S Rank how'd you get to be so S rank
Bijuu: Kurama
V 1: 9 Mastered
V 2: 9 Mastered
Beast: Full Beast
Beast Stats:

Familiar: Ichigo Kurasaki
Voices: Kurama, Jikan, Wrath, Sloth, Sephiroth

Titles: Raikage, Mizukage, Kenkage
Clan:Uzumaki, Uchiha, Ootsutsuki, Senju, Jedi, State Alchemist
KKG: Chakra Chains
Uzumaki Longevity
The Force
State Alchemist Funds

Current Stat Points: 225

Health: 25
Chakra: 100
Speed: 100

Strength: 68
Reaction Time: 140
Willpower: 68 + 40
Throwing Speed: 124

Chakra Points: 1000
Quiz Points: 2
Unused WC: 457
LW tickets: 0

Element(s): Lightning, Wind, Water, Earth, Fire Tempest, Wood

Jutsu Unlocked

Bankai: Jikan Yogure
Arcanis's Sage mode
Ultimate Spatial Jutsu: Jiso
Adam Seed: Zero

Sword Art: Infinite One Sword Technique
Library of the Hermit 
Ultimate Eye
Ocular Recombination Seal
Partial Human Transmutation
Chains of Fantasia 
Edo Tensei
Bijuu Bow of Astris Augmen
Genetic Manipulation
Uzumaki Fuinjutsu Sealing: Release

Summon: Tier Harribel
   Harribel's Stats
Summon: Coyote
  Coyote's Stats
Summon: Uliquiorra
  Uliquiorra's Stats

Shikai; "Slow to a Crawl, Jikan Yokusei"
Five Elements Seal
Temporal Dilation Clone
Lightning Release: Chidori
Body Pathway Derangement
The Double....Slash
Acrobat: Seven Sword Style
Sharingan Genjutsu
Jedi Mind Trick
Jedi Force Control

Shadow Clone
Contract Seal
Water Release: Exploding Colliding Wave
Poison Mist
Flying Thunder God: Returning Thunder
Chidori Katana
Flash Rupture
Rhythm Echo
Wound Preservation
Jedi Reflexes

Knowledge of the Truth
Electromagnetic murder
Leaf Rising Wind
Mystical Palm
Dancing Falling Leaf
Wind Release: Gale Palm
Cat Genjutsu
Dance of the Crescent Moon
Summon: Hollow Mask

Water Whip
Hidden Mist
Chakra Draining Seal
Heal Minor Wounds
Dancing Blade Risk
Drunken Fist
Dimensional Pocket

Generic sealing/summoning Jutsu
Mark Seal
Substitution Jutsu
Clone Jutsu
1000 Years of Death
Medical Diagnosis
Ouroboros Tattoo
Flying Swallow
Gentle Fist: Palm Bottom

Skills Unlocked:
Chakra Threads
Surface walking
Display of Power
Chakra Infusion
Chakra Sensory
Genjutsu Release
Experienced Fighter
Chakra Supression
Alchemist's skill 
Monitoring Seals 
Force Senses
Negative Emotion Sensing

Items on your person: all items have an FTG tag on them
Sword of Evil's Bane
Sword of Justice Falls
Zanpakuto Description
10 Blade of Ars Sanctum Sealed in a summoning seal etched into Arc's back
The Foe Hammer
Legendary Weapon: The Ten Commandments
Legendary Weapon: The First Tsurugi
Legendary Weapon: Demonic Sword Gram
Legendary Weapon: Masamune
Legendary Weapon: Myrtenaster

Collapsed Space Revolving Sheath:

19 Flying Raijin Kunai
Infinity Armor
Thunder Boltcaster
20 Arcane Bolts
Sealing Eye Patch Placed over Ultimate eye.

Pan Pipe.  made in the Library no special ability other than making music.  can be used for Chains of Fantasia

Materia in body:
Fire Materia
Blizzard Materia
Thunder Materia
Quake Materia
Water Materia
Bio Materia
Gravity Materia

Materia in storage:

2 Pain's  Rinnegan sharingan
1 Hikari Issetsugan
1 Hikari Tenseigan with chakra cloak

Items in Storage: all items in storage have a FTG tag on them

2 Arcanis's original eyes 3 tomoe
2 Kirito's EMS Sharingan
2 Kaito's MS Sharingan
2 Kikato Tenseigan
Chakra Cloak 1026 / 6000
2 Hikari MS charingan
  Lightning God Slayer's Black Lightning Cannon

obito/randoms blood 6 pints
Kikato's blood 1 pint
Kirito's blood 1 pint
Kaito's blood 1 pint
Arcanis's Blood 1 pint
Hikari's blood 1 pint

20 Katana
20 kunai
20 shuriken
30 meters metal wire
200 Military ration pills
I am Ironman
1 fresh Nara body (valentines event)
1 fresh Jun body
1 fresh Gwyn body
1 fresh Gawain body
1 fresh Belin body
Master Materia

Your Story:
Arcanis Arrives
Arcanis learns about the world
Arcanis trains
Arcanis learns his soul's name (for Shikai)
Arcanis learns the basics
Arcanis trains in his dreams
Arcanis learns his Shikai form
Arcanis Builds a Village
Arcanis creates a dimension
Arcanis forms an alliance of sorts
The Exile
Kirito meets the Raikage
The Unexpected Visitor
Arcanis discovers his darker side
Legendary Weapon fight: Ten Commands
Blood for Blood
Battle of Gods
Battle of 5 Armies
Arcanis Crafts a Nation
A New Lightning Shadow
Arcanis builds some Puppets
Ulitimate blitz: FTG training
Arcanis meets the Mizukage
Arcanis ACTUALLY meets the Mizukage
Legendary FIght: The First Tsurugi
Arcanis does an Experiment
Arcanis continues his experimentation
Arcanis awakens the Tenseigan
Arcanis trains the rest of his elements
Arcanis returns to the Mizukage
Arcanis Connets with Kurama
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Arcanis The Infinite
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