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 Errand Girl (E-Ranked mission)

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PostSubject: Errand Girl (E-Ranked mission)   Wed Apr 29, 2015 6:50 pm

The Deets:

Gwynevere princess of the wild, it's never too soon to start with titles. She walked through the streets of the leaf village was a plastic covered coat in her hands. Her hair was brown and close cropped to her head, she kept it pulled back, with a jeweled headband. Jewelwed with animal bones more than actual precious gems. Behind her not far behind were her three pups. Alaska, Dakota, and Hiyori. The triples panted happily, and followed close behind. They were small, but strong of heart, and full of potential. Ninkin don't give litters like normal dogs, so in the inuzuka clan triplets were a very important sign. Just the fact that Gwyn had these pups showed how much faith her family had in her. misplaced faith maybe, considering that Gwyn hadn't really managed to do anything with her ninja career yet.

But she was handling the Hokage's delicates so that was a good sign.

Right now our intrepid team was walking through the alleys of the leaf. Not because this coat was so valuable, but because Gwyn was trying to teach her pups a new trick. While most owners were just happy to teach their dogs not to pee in the house, Gwyn was on a whole other level. These guys could use a toilet, and everything. Not that that was the trick she was trying to teach them, but it felt like prudent information for you to know. Any who.

She had her beautiful babies jump into the air spiral around in a corkscrew fashion and paint the walls and floor with urine! However they had to be careful, anyone who got any of the hokage's jacket wouldn't get any dinner tonight. That was motivation enough for these three dogs to take careful aim!  

When she gave the command her dogs would jump into the air, spiral around, and give it all they got. If they did well a beautiful golden shower of strongly scented dog year, would cascade down upon their targets like rain upon a parched desert oasis. Each sibling would watch their brothers, or sister do their performance, and repeat the process. Each time one did their move, the next would be even better. The only thing was... where were they getting all this hydration from?
Well that didn't really matter. What really mattered is that the alley way leading up to the Hokage's building was absolutely covered in urine. Normal people may not have noticed it, but to an Inuzuka, phew! Give that place a wide birth.

Ah man. Gwyn was such a classy lady.

Pee-pee jokes aside. Gwyn when straight from the dry cleaners to the hokage's office. Avoided any bandits, as well as any stray urine hitting the mighty coat.  She stopped by the office, and dropped the coat down on the secretaries desk. "Mission complete!" She announced with a thumbs up. Truly today she had proved to herself, and perhaps the world, that Gwyn Inuzuka is the girl you call when you want to get stuff done!

Claiming the mission Reward and dynamic marking... because man! I talked about pee a lot.

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Errand Girl (E-Ranked mission)
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