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 Metsuki Construct: Secret Palmed Blade

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Enzeru The New Workaholic

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PostSubject: Metsuki Construct: Secret Palmed Blade   Thu Apr 30, 2015 3:55 pm

Name: Metsuki Construct: Secret Palmed Blade
Rank: B
Jutsu Type: Nintaijutsu
Element: -


What it does:
This jutsu follows the same basics as that of Metsuki Construct: Traveling Spear. Instead of the metsuki user placing chakra into their feet they focus it directly into their palm of their hand. When the user strikes the opponent with in open palm and the strike is successful the chakra structure of the opponent goes haywire and feels like a hidden blade was forced through the palm. The reason for this is because metsuki have a special KKG where their chakra when made contact act like a blade. What really is happening is the chakra bursts in the hand of the metsuki user at contact which shoots into the opponent at the strength of B making it feel like a blade is stabbing them. Resistance from this attack is to have strength equal to or higher than B. The chakra capacity to use this jutsu is B.

Wordcount to learn: 2000
Bonus Requirements: Metsuki
At least Blue eye mastered

This jutsu was created by Enzeru's mother which was created before Traveling spear. She used this jutsu on various ninja taking their lives. She eventually decided to channel the chakra into her feet to create the traveling spear soon after.

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Kikato "L" Rinku

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PostSubject: Re: Metsuki Construct: Secret Palmed Blade   Thu Apr 30, 2015 4:17 pm

Approved unless I missed something


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Metsuki Construct: Secret Palmed Blade
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