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 White Sage Mode

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PostSubject: White Sage Mode   Fri May 01, 2015 6:04 pm

Name: White Sage Mode
Rank: SS
Jutsu Type: Senjutsu/Space-time
Element: -
Duration/Cooldown:10 posts/posts used+1
Range: Self

Appearance: The user becomes completely drained of color, dark colors become black, moderate tones become gray, and lighter colors (even orange!) become white. Like a manga.

What it does: After fulfilling the necessary nature chakra-gathering process, Kozai activates sage mode, the nature chakra reacting to his now-unique body and washing it of color. The user gains +3 ranks in locomotion speed, reaction speed, strength, and health. When the user learns this sage mode, the jutsu creates a “bookmark” reference for his body; that is, the natural state of the first post of sage mode activation. The nature chakra continually refreshes the body to this state.
That last sentence may have seemed confusing to you, so let me explain exactly how this function works. At the beginning of each post, the sage mode returns the body to a normal state, using specific innate time control on each injury or impurity/poison to remove it from the body. The nature chakra also refreshes the user’s chakra capacity at the same times (shrunken to C-rank, as the user’s chakra capacity is). The user can expend this innate time control to reject an event that would normally kill him, but this ends the sage mode and puts it on maximum cooldown, even if the user had not used it for all 10 posts.

Wordcount to learn: 5000
Bonus Requirements:
Kozai Rinku or learn from him

Backstory: Kozai was encouraged to attempt, at the very least, to experiment with nature chakra by Kurona. With his focused (albeit limited) mind, he was able to create a sage mode that he considered inferior, but used anyway.
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PostSubject: Re: White Sage Mode   Fri May 01, 2015 6:14 pm

I understand it, but it is simply too much. You are essentially invincible* for ten posts so I cannot approve this. Denied.


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White Sage Mode
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