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 <Insert Wood Joke> (p)

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Jun took in a breath of air through the hole in his face known as a mouth. This was a big moment for him you know. earning advanced elements was a very important part of a ninja's path in the world. Not everyone got access to them, so he should be grateful for every chance he gets to learn something new and exciting. Besides Wood release was kind of a well kept secret in the world, more so than the other elements he'd learned so far. He'd have to make sure to treasure the abilities he was trying to awaken.

He was kneeled down in the middle of the hidden leaf villages forest. He figured if there was any place on earth mean to learn wood release it was probably right here in the very forest he grew up around. The sky was an azure blue today, and the trees looked more vibrant than what seemed possible. He waved it away as just his newly acquired senju side of him giving him a greater appreciation or insight to the natural side of the world. He was dressed in his usual dress shirt and slacks. He felt that it was always important to look his best even when he was playing god out in the middle of nowhere.

His dark pink eyes scanned the ground before him. He wasn't too sure how this was going to work. He had the elements, he had the DNA but how was he going to create life? Did the soil mater? Did sunlight, perhaps he should move this whole thing away out of the shade. Did he need to water the ground before summoning forth a tree? He'd never tried to grow anything really, so this was all new to him! That's not true ha had to grow a lima bean in a little foam cup on time. Yeah. If he'd done that when he was six he could no doubt grow a tree now. He was a watarase. They'd gotten away with being a great clan with nothing but their sword skills! I was about time that they got their moment in the sun. Look out world! here comes jun!

With his left hand he scooped up a pile of dirt in front of him. He needed the stuff around and let his earthly chakra resonate with the soil he was toiling in. Okay earth was one half of the tree and the other half? Water! With his right hand he brought his fingers into the upturned dirt. He channeled his water nature into the soil and let it sink in. Come on tree! Grow tree! Tree sprout! An let there be trees!

Okay so that wasn't working out. Maybe wood release wasn't that simple after all. He'd been born with magnetism, and explosive release had been really simple thanks to Gwynevere showing him the ropes. What did he remember from her lessons? You compressed the explosive nature of the lightning with the earth.

Trees flow in the wind, but hey also have structure. Okay that was good enough to go on. He would use the earth chakra to form a structure from which the water could flow into. Easy. He stuck his watery hand into the soil and then his earthy hand into the soil.

Flow upwards, happily. His chakra swirled around his itself like a little tornado. First it was a earth and water swirl but he kept at it. He kept compressing it. Be friendly love each other! Form together! Grow for me! Then the miracle of life appeared before him. A tiny little sprout popped up from the ground, and said hello!

Jun blushed with amazement. It was so pretty! Besides that he'd done it! He'd made an awesome little sprout. Oh man he was going to grow an absolutely excellent garden back at home.

claiming wood release plz)

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