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 Event: Water Dragon Slayer!

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PostSubject: Event: Water Dragon Slayer!   Event: Water Dragon Slayer! EmptyWed May 06, 2015 2:46 pm

As the spot for Water DS status has opened, we have decided to open up a new Event for everyone...except you damn dirty devil fruit users! (kidding, we love you guys) but seriously, devil fruit users are barred for obvious balance reasons. But as it stands, a dragon in Kiri had decided to teach one and only one lucky human water dragon magic.

In order to do this you must pass three test the dragon has put forth to you which will go as is follows.

The Dragon brings forth your first test, you must without use of any skills, your hands, your feet, your jutsu and any items, find a way to transport the water back to the dragon.

The dragons second test, he asks of you to bring forth an animal from the heavy rain. The dog is blinded and the rain dull it's sense of smell, it will not come to a human call as it has been hurt by it's previous owner so you must find a way to get the animal to you without stepping foot into the rain.

The dragon's final request is much similar to his first, you can not use any skills, jutsu or items but must go into the ocean and to the very bottom of the floor to retrieve a pearl without getting wet. However a gleam in the dragons eye seems to tell you this quest is not all it seems to be.

The first one to finish these request will then get a chance to roll the dice, water dragons are notoriously fickle and may not teach you even if you do their test perfectly. Same rules for when rolling for bloodline. Roll a 1 the dragon denies you and sends you off, roll a 2 and the dragon accepts you and will transfer all of it's knowledge to you and make you into the new dragon slayer.

Jinchuriki can enter this event, however as previously stated, devil fruit users can not nor can preexisting dragon slayers. As a precaution, only staff may do the roll and the roll must be done three times. If you get majority twos, the rank is yours to keep.

Kenjiro Nakamura's Stats.

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Event: Water Dragon Slayer! Empty
PostSubject: Re: Event: Water Dragon Slayer!   Event: Water Dragon Slayer! EmptyWed May 06, 2015 4:32 pm

Move this out of news if there is to be RP in it, and delete this post. Thank you.

Event: Water Dragon Slayer! 8WQUHld
Event: Water Dragon Slayer! Strax
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Event: Water Dragon Slayer!
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