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Kikato "L" Rinku

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Character Name: Kikato Rinku
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PostSubject: Amenominaka   Wed May 06, 2015 3:06 pm

Name: Amenominaka
Rank: SS
Jutsu Type: Space-Time/Ninjutsu/Doujutsu
Element: -
Duration/Cooldown: 14 Posts/Once Per Thread
Range:40 meters


What it does:Kikato has reached a Point in power thanks to his Tenrinissgan that he could Create his own Dimension, and within that Dimension Alter reality as he knows it. Essentially this allows the user of this technique to create not their own pocket dimension, but an actual dimension. While in this Dimension everyone's Chakra signature is erased from the dimension they were teleported from. His dimension can be nearly anything for example he could port people in, over a river of lava, and as they touch the lava, turn it so they are frozen in blocks of ice, the reality shifting happens at the user's Reaction time, the speed of the Teleport is Ithe user's thought speed, and it shows no signs of the teleport happening. However this can be resisted if the target's willpower is equal to or above the user's mental sharpness. If more than two people resist then they can resist if their willpower is a rank below, and if five or more resist they can resist these effects if their willpower is two ranks below. If eight or more resist then they can if their willpower is three ranks below. The figures above assume the user is trying to teleport ten people at once and will shift depending on how many they are trying to teleport. Each time this takes 1 A rank worth of chakra for each person teleported, with this jutsu the user may teleport them to any inhabitable reality the user is aware of. They cannot teleport anyone into immediate danger. Porting NPC's only cost activation, and each Reality Change costs a S-rank while they are in the Dimension

Can Port upto 10 PC's (Not including himself)

Wordcount to learn: 10k
Bonus Requirements:
Tenrinissgan, Kikato's Right Eye (Or IC Permission), Ootsutsuki Born

Backstory:Kikato had been playing around with the new found power in his right eye on day, and had found out that he could create his own dimension, and thus he did, and in this dimension he found himself to be like a god


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Roland Ootsutsuki

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Character Name: Roland
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PostSubject: Re: Amenominaka   Wed May 06, 2015 3:13 pm

Approved on Watch


"The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides by the inequities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men. Blessed is he who, in the name of charity and good will, shepherds the weak through the valley of the darkness. For he is truly his brother's keeper and the finder of lost children. And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who attempt to poison and destroy my brothers. And you will know my name is The Lord when I lay my vengeance upon thee."
Ezekiel 25:17
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