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 Four Red Yang Formation

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Kikato "L" Rinku

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PostSubject: Four Red Yang Formation   Wed May 06, 2015 3:25 pm

Name: Four Red Yang Formation
Rank: S
Jutsu Type:


What it does:A powerful barrier formation noted to only be usable by those of Kage-calibre, whereby four shinobi, standing in a square formation, erect a large barrier that is red in colour. It was stated to be several times stronger than the Four Violet Flames Formation, and is highly malleable. When assaulted by a Tailed Beast Ball from A Bijuu/Jin, the barrier simply distorts its shape, forcing the brunt of the attack upwards while it was left completely intact. Its users can create openings within the barrier to allow passage.

This barrier is apparently very chakra-taxing.

Wordcount to learn: 6k
Bonus Requirements:
4 Shinobi of at least S-rank



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Four Red Yang Formation
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