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 Ice Dragon Roar

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PostSubject: Ice Dragon Roar   Fri May 08, 2015 3:54 pm

Name: Ice Dragon’s Roar
Rank: A
Jutsu Type: Ninjutsu,Dragon Slayer
Element: Ice
Duration/Cooldown: 1 post/ 2 post cooldown if charged the cool down goes to 4 post.



What it does:
This technique is only given to those that are blessed or been trained by their selected dragons. This technique represent the roar of the dragon and harnessing the power of their dragons and releasing it in a arced blast depending on their element. Misaki would take in alot of air this air that enter her body temperature will hit below zero as it enters her body. As the chakra accumulate it will start to expand as Misaki chest will also. With the opening of her mouth she will release a wind like blast that is completely below zero,this blast is a good five meters wide upon releasing it,the effects of this is like a strong compressed blizzard that is being fired being those who health is below the roars power will find themselves instantly frozen if they come in contact with it,if a target strength is strong than the techniques power they can break free but suffer a decrease of health and locomotive speed by one rank. If the target health is above the blast power they won’t be frozen but take the blunt force of the blast instead.

This technique is able to be charged for one post this increase the power of the technique by one rank. This means the user must charge it for a post then release it the next post but it dont take more chakra to use the charged version of the Roar. If this skill is used in Dragon Force mode its power and speed is increased by one rank making it way more dangerous than if it was only be charged. Barriers of above power or equal to will be allowed to block it with no problem,if this come in contact with any type of water source of normal water it will instantly freeze. Also if it collides with a water jutsu below or equal to it’s rank the water jutsu will be completely overcome and frozen by the might of the blast. But if the water jutsu is over the power of the technique it will not be frozen and overcome the blast..If it comes into contact with a fire jutsu equal to its rank it stalemates and if the fire jutsu is ranked above this jutsu this jutsu is over powered by the fire technique.

Wordcount to learn: 3000
Bonus Requirements:
Be Ice Dragon Slayer


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PostSubject: Re: Ice Dragon Roar   Wed May 13, 2015 2:34 pm


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Ice Dragon Roar
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