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 Ice Drive

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PostSubject: Ice Drive   Fri May 08, 2015 4:24 pm

Name: Ice Drive
Rank: S
Jutsu Type: Ninjutsu
Element: Ice
Duration/Cooldown: 6 post/12 post Cooldown

Range: Self


What it does:
This technique dips into the second chakra of the user pulling out the external reserve of power that is stored in all dragon slayers of the world. By pulling out this power the user if chosen to be able to use this technique will take on features of a dragon known as Drive . This state gives the user a element type colored aura(Depends on the Element) this shows the influence of this form to a degree this allows depending on the element have that kinda aura around them while in this form,this aura doesn't do anything special as it to show the power they are under and just how strong they are getting with it alone.

The power that is released from the body is used to increase the users Physical Attributes for starters. The dragon chakra pumping through their body allows them to move quicker giving them a one rank increase to Locomotive speed. This form allows the user to release more power by increasing strength by a single rank. Due to the aura that is coating their body and the chakra overlaying their skin the Dragon slayer also have a one rank increase in health but that’s not all it does.

While in this state all of the users Dragon slayer Techniques are increased in speed and power by one rank. But this form also opens up the new ability to use more moves that can only be used while in Drive State. Only a handful of dragon slayers can use this form. Misaki being the first to master this state is able to enter it with little to no problem due to her time practicing with it and forcing her dragon power to surface.

Ice Drive is a special case being the coldest element to existed in a Dragon Slayer this not only coat the user with a good aura but they bodies are below zero meaning even touching them and not having health of S or above could freeze whatever you touched them with. While in this form only Dragon force state can be used with this no other boost are able to be applied while this is active.

Wordcount to learn: 5000
Bonus Requirements:
Be Ice Dragon Slayer
Limited to Two Slayers( Gotta make your own>.>)
Only For Sannin That Are DS

Backstory: This state was given to Misaki by the dragon that trained her letting her go beyond her limits.

Note:I would like this to count as my Limited Claim thank you o.o


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PostSubject: Re: Ice Drive   Fri May 08, 2015 4:38 pm


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Ice Drive
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