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 Palm Bottom

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PostSubject: Palm Bottom   Fri May 08, 2015 6:22 pm

Name: Palm Bottom
Rank: E
Jutsu Type: Taijutsu
Duration/Cooldown:Usable once per post


What it does: This is the basic blow while using the gentle fist fighting style. the user attacks the opponent whith their fingers or palm. The user is then able to surgically insert their chakra into the opponent dealing damage internally which is very painful. this can be done with merely a tap. Blows dealt to the users chakra network at points called Tenketsu are capable of causing even more damage and either opening or cutting off the chakra flow causing the person struck to lose a D-rank in chakra capacity. If this would reduce the opponents chakra capacity to 0, they are knocked unconscious and must be given immediate medical attention or else they bleed out internally. (must do a hospital thread before any other thread.)

Wordcount to learn: 250
Bonus Requirements:
- Awakened Byakugan

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Palm Bottom
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