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 The Imperial Yokai, Hanzo

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Hanzo Yokai

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PostSubject: The Imperial Yokai, Hanzo   Tue May 12, 2015 1:45 am

Hanzo the Silver Demon

Rank: Special Jounin
Bijuu: None
V 1: [Demonic Transformation]
V 2: Demonic Transformation v2]
Beast Stats:


Current Stat Points:


(C)-Strength- Power of physical attacks, how much they can lift and how much they can understandably carry.
(B)-Locomotive Speed- Used to determine how fast someone can attack, run or throw.
(B)-Reaction Speed- Used to determine how they react to attacks, movement of limbs in a stationary position and such.
(C)-Health- Used to determine how many hits one can take.


(C)-Thought Speed- Used to determine the speed of the user's thought, this is like reaction but for planning.
(C)-Jutsu Knowledge- Used to determine how many highest rank jutsu you can use(Rank above you)
(D)-Willpower- Used to resist mental attacks/effects
(D)-Mental Sharpness- Used to determine power of mental attacks/effects


(B)-Chakra Capacity- Used to determine how many jutsus user can cast
(C)-Sealing and Spacial/Time- Used to determine how fast jutsus of this kind are activated/speed/power.
(C)-Medical and Physical Enhancement-
(B)-Ninjutsu and Kinjutsu-
(C)-Poisons and Puppetry-

Element(s): Earth

Jutsu Unlocked


Skills Unlocked:

Items on your person:

Your Story:
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The Imperial Yokai, Hanzo
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