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 Gura Gura no Mi: Sonic “Dribble”

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PostSubject: Gura Gura no Mi: Sonic “Dribble”    Tue May 12, 2015 10:12 am

Name: Gura Gura no Mi: Sonic Dribble
Rank: A
Jutsu Type: Devil Fruit
Element: -
Duration/Cooldown: 1/ 2 X # of fingers used. Ex: 3 used = 6 posts.
Range: 5/10/15/25/35 Meters


What it does: Brink's has become quite the specialist with his new found ability. His control is of such high level, that he actually can press the air toward an enemy downwards with force enough for it to explode perfectly into an almost bullet like attack of pure aggression. However, because he slams the finger(s) so fiercely onto the air, it becomes too fast for eyes to follow, making it very hard to see or comprehend what is truly transpiring. If his fingers have reached their top speed, it's as if they have disappeared. It's also shown the noise his “dribble” makes is loud enough to be heard and distort spectators that even before hand cover their ears. This allows the crack to travel at the user's current locomotive speed, however only if one finger is used. If more than one but less than four are used, they will travel at an A rank. The power of one finger is B ranked, as is two but three is A. Since this is a devil fruit ability it supersedes normal rules about matching stats due to it's make up.

While his dribbling already is seen to be at a high level, this is shown to be only a portion of his power, as Roland observed that he had only “dribbled” with his three innermost fingers, hinting to two even greater levels of dribbling ability. However, later Brink would show witness to the fourth and fifth level that greatly increase the amount of damage that can seemingly be inflicted by this new found ability. The five fingers is far different than the other stages because the seeming bullets will stay still in Brinks's hand even though they are actually moving at tremendous speeds. Then, lightning sparks appear as he starts to seemingly “dribble” once more, emphasizing this techniques speed and agility. The fourth and fifth fingers require a post charge time of one post to increase the power to S rank, or two charge posts for SS rank power. These travel at his Locomotive speed + 1 rank per post charged.

Wordcount to learn: Free from Atlantis topic(for brink)/ 3000 (normally obtained)
Bonus Requirements: Gura Gura no Mi, Brink.



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Gura Gura no Mi: Sonic “Dribble”
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