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 That which Supplements Me

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PostSubject: That which Supplements Me   Fri May 15, 2015 6:27 pm

Mission Name:That Which Supplements Me
Rank: S-Rank
Type: Skill Required Mission
Character Requirements: Must hear about it IC from either Kohei or Anarchy.
Mission Location: Deep in the Badlands
Word Count Requirements: 8,000{4,000 goes to the skill}WC
Repeatable? Yes {limited to five people}
NPC? Yes, User will have to fight the NPC
Reward: Chakra Absorption Skill

"I hear of tales deep in the valley there lies a power dormant to steal that which all have. . .is it true?" In this mission you are to obtain the secrets of the hidden skill that allows you to absorb other people's chakra. In order to learn of this skill you must hear about it IC from either Anarchy or Kohei as they are the first to obtain the skill.  After done you must travel deep into the badlands where you will fight a ninja who becomes reborn after each death. Once you defeat him in battle he will send you into the direction of the scroll to obtain the skill.  Be weary if you are under S rank you may still attend the mission but it be wise to take Kohei or Anarchy.

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That which Supplements Me
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