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 A Date With A Succubus

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PostSubject: A Date With A Succubus   Fri May 15, 2015 7:03 pm

Mission Name:A Date With A Succubus
Rank: S-Rank
Type: Kinjutsu
Character Requirements: Character must learn about the technique IC, this requires access to ancient texts.
Mission Location: Land of Water Borders
Word Count Requirements: 3,000 Per Member
Repeatable? Yes
NPC? Yes, The Succubus
Reward: EBK {Execution by Kiss}

What they must do is find their way to a body of water that divides into colors of green and blue. After which at a certain time of the day the water will part leading to an island known as the Island of the Succubus. The goal is to charm the succubus to teach you her ways if that can not be done you could always challenge her to a battle and after defeating her she will give you her knowledge as well. Keep in mind that if she does not feel at all charmed she can choose to battle you as well. The Succubus is capped at S rank thus if you are under ranked it is advised you take some company with ya.

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A Date With A Succubus
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