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 Absence of Color: Death Predation

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PostSubject: Absence of Color: Death Predation   Sat May 16, 2015 2:45 pm

Name: Absence of Color:Death Predation
Rank: SS
Jutsu Type: Ninjutsu
Element: -
Range:5m radius


What it does:

This jutsu acts like an area of effect which releases a negative like effect to the user’s chakra of which is dispersed in a 5 meter radius. Anyone who is caught in the radius is drained of their chakra equal to that of S rank or lower dependent on the duration jutsu is active for. In order to resist the draining process you need Health equal to or higher than the user’s Chakra capacity Rank due to the chakra release is the cause for the jutsu’s power. This jutsu has a negative effect to the user as well as they are caught in the jutsu, what happens is that instead of draining chakra from the user it drains their health.

  • First Post D rank Chakra Drain towards Target/D rank Health Drain from User

  • Second Post C Rank Chakra Drain towards Target/C rank Health Drain from User

  • Third Post B Rank Chakra Drain towards Target/B Rank Health Drain from User

  • Fourth Post A Rank Chakra Drain towards Target/A Rank Health Drain from User

  • Fifth Post S Rank Chakra Drain toward Target/S Rank Health Drain from User

Because of the negative effects of draining chakra it can drain chakra from jutsu as well completely dispersing them if the following requirements are met.

  • First Post can only disperse ninjutsu equal to D rank

  • Second Post can only disperse ninjutsu equal to or lower than C rank.

  • Third Post can only disperse ninjutsu equal to or lower than B rank.

  • Fourth Post can only disperse ninjutsu equal to or lower than A rank.

  • Fifth Post can only disperse ninjutsu equal to or lower than S rank.

The chakra capacity needed to upkeep this jutsu is B however once the user hits the fifth post the upkeep goes to A.

Laws for this jutsu
  • This jutsu only drains chakra from the body of the target as well as ninjutsu meaning Gen/Tai/Fuin/medical/ect can not be drained.

  • This jutsu forms around the body of the user at a 10 meter diameter and they must stay still to keep the field up.

  • If the user is forced to move or use any other jutsu the field is deactivated and activates the cool down process.

Wordcount to learn: 5000
Bonus Requirements: Learn from Kohei


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Absence of Color: Death Predation
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