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 Trials of Three: The trials of Shiaki

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Trials of Three: The trials of Shiaki  Empty
PostSubject: Trials of Three: The trials of Shiaki    Trials of Three: The trials of Shiaki  EmptySat May 16, 2015 5:30 pm

The scene takes place in a space empty of all thoughts and processing.  The area seemed to be covered in a black like substance.  The ground too was black, the area was almost ominous to say the least.  Not much could be said about the description of the area, however it seemed to bare no physical presence as well as no emotional void in the space.  One could simply say that the area itself was that which was hidden in the cranium of another, deep inside their mind of which one might obtain through extreme tenses of meditation.  The area was calm and seemed to expand in the vast different directions in an infinite like form.  One could simply walk forever in this space and make little to no effort of escaping or even progress upon their travels.  The area bore no sound within it's vacant domain.  Though, as if in an instant a bright light would form around the middle of the area. The light would manifest into a figure of some sort before fully solidifying.  As the silhouette would form completely it was seen the figure was completely covered in that of white wraps which covered the body from head to toe.  However eye slits were visible but his eyes seemed to be fully closed.  It looked as if the male was completely in meditation as he sat in a lotus like pose with both arms spread out to the side making an okay sign in each hand.  

Once again the area became calm and without emotion.  This would last for only a few more moments as in a brief second three doors would slowly slide up from the ground.  Each door was vastly decorated with intricate little designs and details with letterings unknown to the many who of which were currently living.  As the doors finally took full form they each stood at a ten meter height and five meter width.  The doors, however, if walked around would simply look as if they lead to the opposite of the doors which seemed rather odd to be even here in the first place.  On the top of each door bore certain symbols of which seemed rather odd to be there completely and seemed to give no reason to the meaning of each symbol.  The door to the middle was cloaked in bright white like hue with the symbol of an open palm with an eye in the middle of the palm. It was rather odd for a door to bare such a symbol, one could only make several accusations to as of which could only be guesses compared to the real reason, which probably would be revealed at a later time no doubt.   The next door was that of the one to the right which too seemed to be cloaked in a bright white substance though it was more of a silver glow than that of a white glow.  The symbol that this door seemed to bare was that of a Halo with wings on both sides of the the halo.  This door gave the guess that if one chose this door it might lead to that of angelic behavior, but like explained before it is simply a guess.

The third and final door which was that of the left was different from the other two.  This door was covered in a black and red like hue as if it was beckoning towards evil.  The symbol this one seemed to bare was that of a dragon coated in a black like color which circled around a flame.  It was a rather odd design, but it did fit the feeling of what may lay behind the door.  In mere seconds each door would give off a faint like glow that of which would give make a bright light reflect into the figure that appeared in the middle of the area.  As the light touched the figure it would soon fade. As this happened three figures would form in front of the figure that still remained sitting still and meditating.  Each figure that was formed would take on the physical appearance of the figure sitting in deep meditation. The only things that was completely different from the three figures and the one sitting down were that the eyes of the figures were visible each would give off a bright red glare, however their appearance would be coated in the three colors that the doors each gave off.  Each figures would walk slowly towards the doors that their colors matched with.  As they touched the middle of the doors light emitted from the solid like structures and would each reveal a different world.  Each figure would walk through the their color coated doors.  Once they walked through the door ways would seal completely.

The test of which was that of Angel, Demon, and God had begun.  This was only but the first half of the test.  This test would simply allow one to gain access to abilities that were unlike no other, the final test would be done at a later time of which would cause one to age tremendously through the stress of mastering.  One who takes a trip into this world may never leave until the first skill is obtained and as such the doors would completely vanish.  This world was simply not of existence in fact it was deep in the mind of the one who would want to seek this power.  This was the challenge to learn that of the ancient power that dwells in swords, Shikai.  One must remain in deep mediation as they go through the trials to awaken the powers the hide in the blade and bond with the manifestation that sleeps inside of it.  Each trial would be different to the other and would test one in the field of the power that lay dormant in the power.  If one failed the test they would be subject to never awaken their blade's power.

Trial of Angels

As the first figure walked through it's color coated door of silver the surrounding area changed completely.  The setting was now a vivid and bright light sky light that seemed to indicate that of which the was in the midst of setting.  The sky was coated in orange like clouds, no doubt from the effect of the sun setting.  The ground was lush with bright green grass with a little stone path that led out of the area completely.  In several spot random like rock pillars in numbers of seven were placed on the ground of which seemed to take the height of around one meter in height.  The strange thing about this area was that the island itself was floating, actually that really wasn't the only strange thing.  The area seemed to have two moons appearing from a distance to the right of the sky.   If one actually looked more closely there were several islands in this one area and each one too was floating in the sky.  There was no explanation for the reason each island was floating in the sky, but it was rather interesting and marvelous to say the least.  In the far off distance one of the islands actually had a waterfall rolling off of it onto another island creating a pool like area.  Another island seemed to bare lush green forests that covered the entire area.  This surely was a sight to be seen by the likes of the figure.  

Though this interested him indeed he was not here to sight see.  In fact he knew as to why he was here but he had to find that which he came for.  Off in the distance a male with bright red hair could be seen just sitting the middle of the stone path looking up at the sky smiling.  His clothing he wore seemed to be that of which was similar to a samurai era Kimono. On the back of the Kimono however was a snake wrapping around forming an infinite sign around the shoulder.  His bright red hair was also long from the back end and seemed to tie off in a pony tail which would touch midway to his spine. His bright blue eyes were another distinctive like feature he had about himself in fact it was so bright that it was not human. He seemed to also bare a bit of facial hair that was also bright red and was only the bottom end of his chin. The male simply would smile as he lifted up his hand as a way of waving.  Did he know that the figure was actually in the area? And if that was so how was that possible.  The male would simply laugh as he patted his hand to a patch of grass next to him as if ushering the figure to come towards him and sit next to him.  The figure would walk cautiously as he continued to walk forward step by step towards the male. Eventually he would sit next to the male before the male would laugh and place his arms around the shoulders of the figure.  

It would be at this time that silver like glow from the figure would completely vanish and would take the form of a male completely wrapped from head to toe. The male in wraps would look at the male who was laughing. The male would look down at the one in wraps before speaking.  
“So you are he are you?  Well welcome to my humble abode.  This is my home, welcome to the land of the angels. I am guessing you are here for the festivities no?  No that can't be it. . .hmm could it be perhaps to use me in battle?  Ah surely that is it! Hmm yes if this is so I must test you.  Let's see how to test you. . .” He would rub his facial hair as he would think of the trial to give to the one in wraps.  His eyes would trail to each island then he came up with a perfect plan. “I want you to slice that waterfall in half. . .However I want you to do it with my sword.  If you can do this successfully I will teach you how to awaken my sword in battle and tell you the secrets I bare on the ability.  How does that sound?”  The male in wraps would look at him inquisitively. . .what was so hard about slicing a water fall in half.  There was literally nothing to it, just charge chakra into your hand and pierce through the water fall itself.  So How hard could it possibly be to slice the water fall in half. . .

The smiling male would look at the male in wraps before reaching into his kimono before grabbing onto something. As he took out what he grabbed the male in wraps would blink twice before looking confused.  What was that?  That was this man's weapon?  What was so great about this weapon it was tiny in comparison of the many blades he himself had even seen.  The blade itself probably no bigger than six inches, same goes for the handle length as well which meant the over all length was twelve inches. The blade seemed to be similar in look to a standard Wakizashi, or short samurai sword. The sheathe, or poor excuse of a sheathe for the blade was that of a solid black color.  On the sheathe however near the bottom, letterings of gold in Kanji would be formed. The Kanji symbols stood for the terms Angel, Demon, God.  Odd that those symbols would be placed there but that was really of no concern to the man in the wraps.  The hilt of the blade was like any standard samurai sword to where it was coated in a silver like metal that held the blade together by the handle.  The handle of the blade too was the same as a standard samurai sword of which it was covered and overlapped in a black like gripping substance of which when overlapped a space the shape similar to that of a diamond would be formed that trailed up the middle of the handle on each side of the handle.  The end piece of the handle was made of a metal that seemed to be colored to look as if it were gold. Around the base of the sword itself was a substance of which could be used to tie off onto a belt so one could carry the sword around. but in all honesty who would want this

The male would simply just toss the blade in the direction of the one in wraps to simply catch.  The male would smirk as the second the blade touched the hands of the one in wraps the blade would completely shatter into thousand pieces.  The one in wraps would look wide eyed.  How the hell was he supposed to slice through a waterfall with a sword he no longer had.  in his grasp this was completely ridiculous and uncalled for.  The male would go to yell at the one who threw the blade at him but he was no longer there.  What the hell where did he go, he just disappeared.  How was he supposed to do this. . .with a blade he no longer had no less this was just beginning to make no sense at all.  The male would sigh as he simply looked at the island below him.  It was a great gap between him and the island in fact if he didn't have a good running start he probably would fall through and fall endlessly through the clouds.  The male simply backed up a bit before taking a running start taking leap in mid air of which soon he would take a brief flight or so it seemed but he was just falling actually, hopefully he would make it to the other island.  He noticed that he was in clear position of landing.  He would curl his shoulder over so it would allow him to roll to use most of the shock of landing to be rather painless.  As he landed he connected the ground with his shoulder using the momentum to flip his bod over and land on his feet without taking any damage.  He would simply sigh and dust off his shoulders and himself as he walked over to the over flowing waterfall.

The male would look at the large water fall that would forever flow from the island that hovered above the one he was currently standing on.  He would crack his neck, now how the hell was he supposed to slice through this waterfall with a blade he no longer had it made little to no sense all together. He would think for a second, wasn't that man a spirit?  Didn't that blade belong to a spirit?  So with that being thought wouldn't the blade itself be a spirit?  Maybe there was a way to conjure the blade back.  If that was the case then all he had to do was figure out how.  His time was scarce as he really had little patience for puzzle games such as this.  He would simply sit on the ground and think carefully.  What could he do to bring that sword back?  Was it possible he had to focus chakra into his hand and shape it into the sword he once held?  He would continue thinking, before long he would just get irritated and decided to go with his first guess.  The chakra forming guess.  He would form a black like hue in his palm. Once this was set the hue began to shape itself into a blade.  It was working, or so he thought the moment he tried to grab at the chakra like it was a sword the chakra would disperse and shatter as if never existing in the first place.  Okay so forming a chakra like substance wasn't going to work.  He was getting really irritated in fact he was about ready to punch through the waterfall itself.  Why of all things did he have to slice through a water fall it made absolutely no sense at all.

Suddenly a voice would speak through the male's head it would laugh much like that of the man who gave him the test in the first place. Was he taunting him, how dare he, if he ever got his hands on him he would kill him in a heart beat.  He was a spirit after all so he would just come back to life.  He couldn't be destroyed just recreated. . .wait a second that's it! The blade was a form of the male in fact it was him all entirely, the test was to use himself as the weapon that cut through the water.  Though the issue was that he still didn't have the blade and that is what he actually needed.  He had to think of a way to form the blade so that he may cut through it's waters and move on and get his ability that he came here to grab in the first place. First thing first was to figure out how to bring the sword back the next process was slicing through that waterfall.  The voice would continue to laugh at the male, he seemed to find this whole situation amusing that or he was hiding something from him.  The situation was really annoying the male but he wouldn't let it get to him.  He would suddenly forge chakra around his hands again in the same black like glow of which would take a shape in his hands.  Maybe all he had to do was think of the attributes of the blade itself and maybe it would become real.  If that was the case then all he had to think about was the tiny blade.

The male would simply just sit there all the black chakra began to swirl in his hands forming into the shape of the blade that shattered in his hands however it did not take it's full form.  In fact the only thing that held it's shape was the handle and nothing but that. The thing was he could actually grip onto the handle and that was rather impressive feat for himself.  He found out that in order to form the blade he would have to form his chakra into one area to create the form of the blade. Finally he would need to think of the sword's attributes to give the chakra shape and become solid.  This wasn't so hard he finally figured out this piece to the puzzle. Though now all that remained was creating the sheathe and the blade itself.  He would begin to form chakra around the end of the handle of which began to form itself into the sheathe that the blade once had.  Now he had to think of the attributes, let's see the sheathe was completely black had gold lettering that were in kanji format that stood for Angel, Demon, God and had a substance used to tie.  As he thought of these things the chakra began to take shape and become solid. As this happened the sheathe became completely whole just as it once was creating the completed look of the blade. . .or rather of the blade when sheathed.  He would begin to remove the sheathe from the blade to see his handiwork of his chakra.  To his dismay the blade was non existent.  That's right he never saw the look of the blade itself in fact the only thing he saw of the blade itself was that it was completely sheathed before it shattered before his eyes. Shit, now what was he supposed to do.

The male's voice in his head would laugh once again.  Was he taunting him once more? That son of a bitch, what was so funny this actually was no where near funny to the male.  He would sigh as he had to think of what to do to get the blade end of the sword he was now holding onto.  He would begin to forge chakra onto the handle again as the chakra would take form around the handle.  What did he know that was certain about the blade? It was six inches in length but was it sharp, dull? Well if it cut through a waterfall it would be sharp, so sharp.  Finally the coloration of the blade. It would have to be. . .hold on perhaps the color of the door meant something. . .silver. . .Suddenly the sword would take form with it's blade as the black chakra took a silver like color in length of six inches total. The male held the blade in his hand. Success!

Now that he successfully created the blade in its entirety he had no idea how long he could keep it's shape for, though it didn't seem to sap chakra from him.  He would look at the water fall and smirk, this would be a piece of cake to say the least.  He would charge to cut the waterfall in half but the second his foot touched the water it would give a burning sensation as he felt the bottom of his feet fry ever so slightly, it would eat the skin on the bottom of his feet leaving raw pink flesh left.  Before the male let the water take any more effect on his feet he would jump back. He was in severe pain now, what trickery was this.  He thought the challenge was to make the blade but it seemed now the next task was to slice through acidic water.  The voice in his head would once again laugh at the attempts the male would make.  He was starting to get annoyed, what the hell was this man hiding from him. Why was he laughing so much. What is going on this wasn't making any sense how was he supposed to do this without getting severely hurt.  He would have to think closely, this voice in his head obviously was not going to help him with the matter of avoiding injury in any form or another so he simply just had to think of something himself.  He would stretch, his foot was killing him, anything that foot touched felt cold but then would send a sharp pain from the bottom, due to the foot being the center of the nerve system this was extremely painful for him.

The male would have to think was there any way to walk through that water without causing harm to himself. He would sigh, was that even possible, he didn't seem to have any of his old weapons he had in fact the only thing he had was the sword he was holding now.  He also wasn't sure that the blade would even be able to be thrown and if it could that would be a waste of chakra.  This bastard purposely set this up so that the only way to do this was to take damage.  He had to run as fast as he could through that water taking the damage and slicing through that water.  Could he even pick up the speed to run through that water without dying?  That was the true question of the matter, was this possible to do without dying.  The voice in his head would continue to laugh.  The male was seriously getting tired of the laughing it needed to fucking stop.  The male would crack his neck as he formed black like chakra to his feet.  He would then back himself up a bit before firing forward like a bullet at the speed of S rank.  Suddenly the second his chakra coated feet would touch the water, his chakra began to disappear. The hell the water was eating his chakra reserve as well! He would jump back before the water would touch his flesh once again.  He would land backwards on the land, again the pink fleshed foot would touch the grass and feel that sharp pain again.  Yet again the voice would laugh loudly this time.  

The male had had it, he was tired of the damn laughing, he would pivot his foot to the side then run straight for the water yet again, this time he would drag the sword downwards into the direction of the ground.  He would bend his body forward so that when he reached the water the blade would too touch the water.  Suddenly the second the blade touched the water it cut cleanly through it.  This would cause him to question how this happened, but at a moments notice he would cause himself to leap upwards and spin his body slicing through the waterfall completely causing the water flow to stop at a moments noticed.  He did it!  Wait now how was he going to land, the water was still underneath him and that was his only landing spot.  Shit this was not good, this was it he was doomed he was gonna die.  He would watch himself as he fell, his eyes would suddenly close.  He would suddenly begin to think damn it this wasn't fair.  Suddenly he connected with the water.  Wait. . .what? His body began to sink in the water but he felt no acid over taking his body what was happening? Suddenly he found himself to the bottom of the river, his eyes would open as a male was on top of the body of water.  He was smiling and laughing actually, in fact it was the same guy who put him up to this.  

With this in mind the male at the bottom of the water would jump up in rage and go to punch him however the male would just catch the punch, twist his arm and send the male to be put on his knees. He would smile let go of the fist then place his hand on the head of the male who was on his knees.  He would tussle his hair a bit before a bright pink like glow would form off his hand.  Suddenly the skin that was missing on the bottom of his foot would completely be healed as if the acid water never touched him. He would just look at the male in confusion what the hell, how did he do that.  He simply would smile let go of his grasp, then notice the blade in the male's hand.  He would simply touch the blade as the sword began to glow a bright pink color before becoming normal again.  Suddenly a wave of thoughts rushed into his head, was this the skill he came here for?  It seemed to show that this ability allowed him to heal wounds of all kinds, it also spoke of an incantation of how to use the skill.  He would simply get up from being on his knee and noticed the male that tussled his hair was gone.  Suddenly the area around him would shatter completely and he found himself back in the dark void.  He would simply walk over to the one who was in the lotus position, touch his shoulder and suddenly vanish in a silver light which would be absorbed by the figure sitting in lotus position.  The first trial was complete.

Trial of Gods

The setting in this area seems to take place in that of a garden.  Though this garden seems completely different to that of other garden's in fact almost positive that most gardens don't harbor wild species such as lions, tigers and bears.  Quiet odd though this area, it seems to give the vibe of being peaceful.  The floor of the area was completely coated in golden yellow like bricks of which spread out to connect to the green and lush grass like area on both ends of the area.  In the middle of the open garden were two giant statues, or rather emerald colored like angel like statues.  The first statue was around 20 meters in height and seemed to be that of a emerald statue of an angel perched high on a stone like column.  Around the base of the statue yellow like flowers completely covered the sides of it like a form of moss.  In the middle of the column or spire as it were, were ancient letterings that seemed to trail downwards that seemed to stand for the phrase of 'Peace on Earth.'  The spire itself seemed to be a tad bit slanted inwards to the  left as if to block the way of entry to the area before who ever may walk into the garden.

To the far left in the distance another statue could be seen, yet another emerald like statue that too resembled an angel like appearance.  This angel however seemed to hold a sword and shield and be on top of a sphere that sat on the ground.  The angel's wings seemed to be completely unfurled and open wide as if the angel was about ready to take flight off the sphere itself.  Around the base of the sphere it too had ancient scripture that would trail full circle around the base.  The scripture could be translated to say 'As it is in Heaven'.  After looking around the area one could also see ancient like buildings in the background with an over flowing fountain in the center that seemed to have an endless supply of water flowing from its spouts.  If one was to look any further forward one could see a giant tree with a bright white hue that is given off of the bark and its leaves.  The tree seemed to be heavily rooted into the ground and seemed to give a rather odd glow from beneath its roots as if there was something underneath them.

If one was to look close enough near the tree one could see a male with bright blue hair that seemed to have two sections of bangs from the left and riight side of his head drape to his shoulders, his hair from the back however proved to be rather long as such it was tied into a pony tail that would touch near the mid of his spine.  His outfit was a black like tank with a blue like torn scarf tied around his neck.  On his bare skin on his left arm he bore a tattoo of a black like tattoo that would wrap around his arm.  His pants like ware was that of which was equal to that of a samurai era Kimono.  His eyes were bright purple, it almost seemed impossible for any living being to have these color of eyes.  The man stood with his hands at his hips looking at the roots of the tree and sighing.  Before long a bright light would form in the middle of the garden.  As the light faded a figure covered in wraps from head to toe would be visible as he gave off a white like glow from his body.  He would begin to step into the garden one step at a time before being greeted by a rather nasty lion that stopped him from making it past the two statues with the ancient scriptures written on their base.

The male in wraps would stop as he would take guard to prepare for the lion to attack him however he would simply stretch his arms then take a defensive pose.  From the distance the male looking at the roots would turn around to look in the direction of the commotion.  He would see a male completely covered in wraps of which was coated in white like hue.  He would shrug his shoulders to see what would transpire between the male and the lion.  Back near the entrance of the garden the giant beast would run at the male at an incredible pace with the thoughts of no doubt chewing off his face.  The male would simply bend his body down so that his shoulders would line up with the lion's head.  As the lion leapt to take a big bite from the male, the male would use sheer strength of SS to press his shoulder into the throat of the lion to throw it over his shoulders of which he would use S rank speed to rotate his body extending his arm sending his fist to slam into the stomach of the lion.  As the fist connected the lion would go flying into the left side of the area causing it to crash into the ground.  The male would lower his hands as he brushed himself off from the attack he would crack his neck and his knuckles.

The lion would quickly stand up before getting aggravated and running at the male.  The male would lift up his leg high in the air as the lion got into direct distance before leaving the male would let his leg fly downwards to smash into the lion's skull at the strength off SS completely shattering the skull inside it's skin, killing the lion on impact.  The male would sigh as he would turn around to walk towards the area the lion so tried to protect.  As he got close to the entrance he could hear clapping be heard, he would look and notice it was the male with the bright blue like hair.  He would smile as a snake seemed to curl around his arms he would simply look at the male before he seem to speak.

"Bravo bravo, well done well done indeed.  Though, you did just kill one of my pets, that wasn't very nice. . .Hmmm I know, you can make it up to me by. . .let's see. . ." The male would look around the area as if he was looking for something specific for him to do. Then suddenly he set his eye to the roots of the tree.  He would smile softly before pointing directly at the roots. "You can make it up to me by lifting up that tree right there.  See I would do it but. . .this is simply not a God's job to do so.  Who knows I may give you something as gratitude for lifting up the tree.  You must be wondering why I want you to lift that tree huh?  Well to put it simply I may have forgotten that my weapon was in that spot before the tree of life sprouted.  Nasty habit my memory has.  Anyway, off you go!" He suddenly appeared behind the male with the the wraps around his body.  He would extend his leg with it his foot would follow till it connected with his back pushing him forward into the garden itself.  As he walked through the area he would get a clear view of the angel statues that seemed to be covered in yellow like flowers. It truly was a sight he has never seen before.  He had no idea if he wanted to think about this.  As he traveled up the path to get to the tree he would be greeted by a snake that hung from its branches.

The snake would seep down to stare into the eyes of the man, the snake would stick out it's tongue.  The snake too decided to talk as well, this was rather odd to see a talking animal but right now the male wasn't questioning the situation.
"What do you think that you are doing boy?  You wish to destroy my home? That is unpleasant, how would you feel if I ate you instead?  This tree is my home, it tells me of secrets.  Secrets of powers bestowed to that God over there, you see he isn't telling you everything. But I can, but only for the price of keeping my home.  So how about it boy?" The male would look at the snake, this was an interesting proposal made by the snake but it was a pointless one to say the least.  The would stretch his arms as he would grab the snake by it's neck. As he began to pull on the neck of the snake the tree would be pulled with it.  The snake seemed to be completely connected to the tree itself.  This made little to no sense.  What was he going to do.  Perhaps the snake was the tree, well the snake simply would not budge and neither would the tree.  He would have to think what he was actually going to do about this situation as this was a rather annoying one to say the least.  The snake would look at the male as he would slip through his grasp and shoot into the branches of the tree melding with it.  

As this was done the male could hear trampling noises far of in the distance.  What was that, and where was it exactly coming from.  He would turn to the left noticing that the source of the sound was that of animals charging straight for him. He would look at the animals wide eyed. That fucking man set him up, the tree was not his target he wanted to play a game with the male or at least it seemed that way at this point.  The male would sigh as he would have to think smart, he would take a defensive stance.  The first animal that charged at him was another lion, this God and his lion.  No end to it.  The male would sigh as he pressed his foot deep into the ground as if making a statement he was not to move from the area.  Suddenly there it was again the lion leaping at his with full force with it's jaws open wide.  The male would simply grab onto the jaws of the lion before pulling at them snapping the jaw completely together.  Following the lion was a tiger, dear lord this God had a love for cats didn't he?  The male would take a different defensive pose as he would wait for the tiger to strike.  The tiger began to run at the male as he spun his body rotating his foot connecting it into the side of the tiger's head at the strength off SS sending the tiger to spiral and flying back crushing it's skull and causing blood to poor from it's head.

Next up was a set of animals now, it was a complete wolf pet.  This was starting to get rather tiresome how many animals did this God own exactly and when would they stop attacking him.  As he took another stance he would place his foot on the ground and wait for an attack from the animals.  As the pack of wolves would charge at him he would extend his arms as he charged at them with S rank speed connecting his fists into the wolves at SS rank strength and completely plowing them through with the rest of the animals what decided to try to attack him.  Once he was done and stopped charging it was obvious to see the blood spatter all over his wraps of which he really didn't care about.  All the animals that once attacked him were now sprawled on the lush green grass pouring their bright red blood into the strands of grass staining them in red.  As the blood pooled, the male would turn around and walk towards the tree, he about had it with that snake.  He knew the snake had something to do with it.  He would kill the snake then he would left the tree and throw it at the male who se him up.

The male would look at the tree as he began to walk towards it.  He would have to come up with a way to draw that snake out.  Surely he killed all the animals that were praying about in this garden right.  That snake must be responsible for them, in fact he had a feeling that the snake was responsible for the tree being there in the first place.  When he pulled on the snake it seemed to be pulled with him but like the tree the snake wouldn't budge from its spot.  The male would have to think carefully how to dispose of the snake and the tree at the same time.  As he walked up to the tree the snake would poke its head through the middle of the tree before sticking out it's tongue yet again though instead of an impulse a snake makes with the tongue it was in a manner as if to tease and mock that male.  This would annoy him as he went to go punch the the snake in his face a yellow like barrier would be released deflecting his punch.  The snake would once again pop out his head before sticking out his tongue once more.  This more aggravating that ever.  The snake now had a barrier and was taunting him from behind it.

The male would simply get annoyed by the fact the snake continued to taunt him, however he would remain cool as he had to think. All he had to do was dispose of the barrier to get to the snake right?  Well he had to assess the strength of the barrier itself.  He would crack his neck before pulling back his fist and the releasing it forward fully extending it into the barrier at the Strength of SS.  The barrier would crack upon impact, the male would smirk, the force field was no where near as strong as him, just on more punch and he would break right through. He would go to wind up another punch till he noticed the crack in the barrier began to seal itself and reform into the barrier again.  The male would look at this event with wide eyes. This was impossible how could that crack be fixed so fast, it made little to no sense.  Hold on the tree was called the tree of life right?  Perhaps the tree itself emanated chakra through it to form the barrier.  He would have to test out this method.  First he would have to trick the snake into thinking he was attacking yet again.  The male would twist his body at the speed of S which in this moment with his back turned he would form hand signs quickly that snake would not be able to see.

As his full body turned around he would extend his fist forward to send it flying into the tree at S rank speed.  As the fist connected the force field would crack yet again.  The snake would just stick his tongue out again as he knew this was completely futile as the barrier would just heal back up.  NOW! Suddenly from under the snake's vision the male had placed his free hand onto the field with an open palm.  Suddenly a black like glow emitted from his hands as it was sapped inwards then suddenly at that moment it was shot directly into the field.  As this was done the crack not only did not seal back up but it began to spread through out the whole field till it all connected together.  The male would shake off his hand as he wound up for another punch. As he let his fist fly forwards it would completely shatter the barrier blocking the tree as the yellow barrier broke into pieces the snake would be completely shocked and be sucked up back into the tree.  The male would simply crack his knuckles and his neck.  He wasn't done yet.  

The male would pull back his fist again of which again would be wound up completely. As his fist flew forwards he would send his fist straight into the tree with the strength of SS this would shatter the inside of the tree as he would then open is fist in a open hand to reach for something.  As he did so he would feel the snake and rip it out from being inside the tree it's habitat.  As the snake was ripped out the glow that emitted from the tree would feint ever so slightly as the male would use his hand at a strength of SS to slice the snake in half.  He would then take the two parts of the snake and through them to the ground.  That was done. Next was the God.  He approached the tree he would bend down to grab the bottom of the tree. The God wanted the tree, well he was about to get it.  The male would completely grab the end of the roots.  He would then use the strength in his body to lift with his legs. As he did so the tree was ripped from it's roots completely and began to disintegrate in his hands.  As he lifted up the tree he would toss it in the direction of the God.  The male with blue hair would simply raise his hand as the tree began to turn to shrink in size the second it touched him.  He would walk up to the male clapping his hands.  He would then tap the male on the shoulder, the second his touch connected with the male. The white like hue around him would completely vanish from his appearance making his image take a clear visual of him without the white hue. The male with blue hair would then walk past the male who was in wraps.  He would send his arm into the rubble of where the tree once stood.  The he made a motion as if had completely grabbed something.

The God would lift his arm out of the rubble of the tree as he brought up what ever he went to reach for in the first place.  As his arm was brought out of the rubble it was made obvious it was a sword like weapon. It's size was that of a standard katana like size.  The blade was around twenty three inches long as the handle itself was about eight inches in length as well.  This made the overall length of the entire weapon thirty one inches.  The sheathe that seemed to protect the blade was that of a solid color black.  On the sheathe near the bottom of casing bore lettering of gold like Kanji.  The Kanji symbols stood for the terms Angel, Demon, God.  The male felt like he had seen these symbols before but waved it out of his mind completely on it's own.  The hilt of the blade was like any standard Katana to where it was coated in a silver like metal that held the blade together by the handle.  The handle of the blade too was the same as a standard samurai cultural katana.  On the handle it bore over lapping like black substances that when overlapped formed a space in between making a shape much like a diamond.  These shapes would trail up the middle of the handle on each side of the handle. The end piece of the handle was made of metal that seemed to be colored to look like it were gold.  Around the base of the sword itself was a substance of which could be used to tie off onto a belt so one could carry the weapon around much like a samurai would.  The God would unsheathe the blade revealing the silver like blade before he tossed the sharp like katana at the male to catch. With this he too threw the sheathe that came with the sword itself.

The male would catch the blade by its handle before he used his other hand to reach for the sheathe.  As he caught the times the God would simply smile as he walked up to the male and touched the blade. The moment he did a bright white light would emit from the blade itself.  Once done the one who called himself a God would soon vanish from existence. As this was done the male would soon feel a large wave of knowledge flow through his head.  As this was done he would hear voices whispering to him of the abilities that lay dormant in his blade.  The ability to cause the blade to expand into any size that it would choose to as well as being able to wield the sword as if it was the weight of a feather.  With this whispers would flow through his head of an incantation on how to activate the ability.  After this was done the garden area would shatter and the male found himself in the dark room again in his bright white like hue again.  Behind him the door he had previously entered was completely destroyed.  He would walk forward to the one in the lotus position before touching his shoulder and vanishing into thin air.  The figure sitting in the lotus pose would feel a surge of vast knowledge flow through him. The trial of Gods was completed.

Trial of Demons

The setting that takes place in this domain is much like that of the original before the door even appeared. Instead, however, the coloration of the area change.  Instead of being coated in an endless void of black that goes on for an eternity or so it seems, it was red skies and red flooring.  The thing was the floor was entirely made of water this of which could only be assumed to reflect the red skies into it's clear body forming that of the color of red.  In  the middle of the are a large shrine gate stood in the middle which would be nearly impossible to see due to the light of the sunlight being hidden behind the gate itself.  Next to the gate stood one lone sakura tree which would hover its branches over the gate's entrance.  The only way to even tell the flooring was water was to watch closely as the petals of the sakura tree slowly fell from the branches to the water creating tiny ripples in the surface which would become calm after a few second.  The odd thing about the area was the fact that if you stood at a certain angle the sung that lay hidden behind the gate would cause certain shadows to appear on the ground reflecting upon its waters.  The shadows if looked at closely spelled out H-E-L-L. Hold on hell?  This was a weird interpretation of hell.  Where are all the demons, the souls of the damned.  If this was hell this was sure more peaceful than hell was interpreted in the first place in fact it wasn't so bad.

That may be the thought process of those that first look through the area. Though if one were to look at it closely, Hell could be interpreted in many different ways.  The first way is that it brings the soul of the damned to its domain for ever cursing them to relive their sins on replay over and over again.  That didn't seemed to be happening in fact it seemed rather quiet for any events such as that to take place. Though then again no one was actual in the area as of now so maybe it only took effect when someone walked into the area.  Second interpretation would be that of creating an infinity land that causes one to forever be alone and sit in silence. One would know that if one was to forever sit in silence and not be able to say a thing or even hear a thing, if they were already not born with the gift of hearing, would drive anyone mad.  This interpretation seemed to be the choice for the area, though as explained before it was unknown as not a single soul was seen present at the time.  One would simply have to wait till someone showed up. It would be at this time that the interpretations could be resolved.  In the distance of the area something odd seemed to happen.  In fact it was this event that would lead one to believe that both interpretations of hell were wrong, in the distance several birds, black to be specific would flock and fly towards the gate.  Once they touched the gate the birds would fall and wither away at an instant.

After this was done, another yet strange event would take place in this endless void of red.  A bright like black and red hue would emit from the far end of the area completely parallel to that of the gate.  After the bright hue faded to a dim, a male could be seen completely covered in white wraps.  In fact he was covered in a bright like red and black hue which would follow him as he stepped through the water to look at its surroundings.  As he stepped forward getting ever closer to the gate, the ripples in water would have but a weird effect unlike those of a sakura flower.  Instead of creating a circular ripple, each step the male took the ripples would form into a jagged edge that would travel inwards then outwards towards the figures feet.  Once he got close enough to the gate another yet strange event took place.  The gate would give an effect which would be much like the door the male walked through to get to this area in the first place. The gate would give an image an image that was equal to the current area he now stood in.  Though the only thing that was completely different about this image and the one he was standing in now was someone else was there.  In fact he seemed to be rather well dressed for someone who was supposedly the soul of the damned.  In fact the person would turn around and stare directly at the figure looking through the gate.  

His hair was of a bright yellow which seemed to be a slight bit long on the bangs however overall the style of the hair was short.  Around him he wore a green like opened kimono where on the rims strange patterns of yellow and black would trail up and down the trimmings of the opened Kimono.  He seemed to wear another Kimono under the opened one which was white and red with black like box designs on the trimming. The Kimono would be tied off by a red like belt that would overlap and secure a sword around the that of the size of a standard Naginata.  His Kimono would drape to his legs and he wore samurai like shoes made of what seemed like bamboo.  His eyes were of a bright red color and around his neck he would have a back that would tie off with blue like ribbon from the front.  The male would simply smile as he waved to the figure. It was at this point the male would simply wave his hand to gesture the figure to walk through the gate.  One would have to tread lightly if they were to walk into that domain.  Who knows that this man was capable of. The figure would ignore all signs of warning and doubt he had and would simply walk through the gate.

As the male walked through he found himself to be in the exact area as he was before but now the gate was back in the middle of the area.  The male that ushered him to come in would simply give a grin before walking up to the figure and touching him.  The second he touched the figure, the bright like hue would fade completely allowing the figure to take it's full appearance of a male covered in white wraps from head to toe.  The male would look at the won in wraps before he would speak. "Ah so you are the one I shall call master, this simply is absurd.  You are in my realm now.  Hmmm how bout I put you to a test.  Let's see what would work for a mere mortal such as yourself?" The male would sigh looking at the one in wraps then he would smile before poking his forehead before speaking.  "I know you must have sins right?  Well then let me see them let me witness your sins and then I will give you the power you seek.  I believe that is a rather fair deal don't you?" The male would just look at the one in wraps as he smiled.  He would tilt his head to the side as he would wait for the reaction of the one in wraps.  The male completely covered in wraps would sigh as he tilted his head to the side with him. He would shrug his shoulders.

The male would simply smile before he reached to his side.  Once done he would place his hand onto the handle of the sword he had slung to his side.  Slowly sliding it out of its sheathe the sword would release a black like hue from its blade.  He would spin the blade to the side before throwing it to his other hand.  As he raised his hand high in the air, the blade would be coated in a black flame.  Suddenly he would dark his hand down, the blade going with its movements.  As the blade pierced into the male in wraps' shoulder the male would simply just smile.  He ripped out the sword flipped it and caught it back in its sheathe.  After watching that show he caught a glimpse of the length of the overall weapon which was around three feet and two inches total.  The blade itself was around two feet as the handle itself was around one foot two inches in length.  The male would lift him the sword now in the sheathe to reveal its overall look.  The sheathe that seemed to protect the blade was that of a solid color black.  On the sheathe near the bottom of the casing were gold like Kanji symbols.  Each Kanji symbol stood for a different term, Angel, Demon, God.  The one in wraps felt he had seen these symbols before but he couldn't exactly figure out where it was really making no sense to him.  The hilt of the blade was like any standard naginata to where it was coated in silver like metal that held the blade together by the handle.  The handle of the blade too was the same as a standard samurai cultural Naginata.  On the handle it would have over lapping black like substances that when overlapped formed a space in between making a shape much like a diamond. These shapes would travel up the middle of the handle on each side of the handle.  The end piece of the handle was made of metal that seemed to be colored to like like it were made of gold.  Around the base of the sword itself was a substance of which would be used to tie off onto a belt so one could carry the weapon around much like a Samurai would

As the male walked through he found himself to be in the exact area as he was before but now the gate was back in the middle of the area.  The male that ushered him to come in would simply give a grin before walking up to the figure and touching him.  The second he touched the figure, the bright like hue would fade completely allowing the figure to take it's full appearance of a male covered in white wraps from head to toe.  The male would look at the won in wraps before he would speak. "Ah so you are the one I shall call master, this simply is absurd.  You are in my realm now.  Hmmm how bout I put you to a test.  Let's see what would work for a mere mortal such as yourself?" The male would sigh looking at the one in wraps then he would smile before poking his forehead before speaking.  "I know you must have sins right?  Well then let me see them let me witness your sins and then I will give you the power you seek.  I believe that is a rather fair deal don't you?" The male would just look at the one in wraps as he smiled.  He would tilt his head to the side as he would wait for the reaction of the one in wraps.  The male completely covered in wraps would sigh as he tilted his head to the side with him. He would shrug his shoulders.

As he felt the blade dig deep into his shoulders he wondered why exactly he couldn't dodge.  He would start to feel a sharp pain into his shoulder, this was simply unbearable.  Why the hell couldn't he dodge it much less move.  Suddenly he would know his answer as he saw black flames form around his body.  In fact the odd thing of the situation was that the flames that clung around him weren't even hot nor were they causing any damage to him.  It was odd, what was the point of the black flames. The male would stand there as he stared into the male that struck him with the blade.  That bastard was smiling why was he smiling.  Suddenly he vanished into thin air what was going on?  Suddenly he would begin to notice the surroundings change.  He would watch as he began to relive a memory of his.  Where was this memory from exactly. . .it was when he was stuck on that cursed big blue box.  He was reliving that moment. . .what madness was this.

The darkness would begin to crack and fade, as it faded it left behind an open area, an area full of dead bodies and fire. The males eyes would widen, what was he looking at? Before he knew it he began to watch his past self grin from ear to ear before laughing.  His past self would then stop laughing abruptly to see what caused this destruction. He would continue to walk forward, at each step he would look left and right. As he would look around he would see impaled bodies, many of different ages.  Many of different genders as well.  He would continue grinning as he would look at the mutilated bodies just brutally ripped apart from their flesh and bone, as if cleaved by a blade of some sort.  The one that caught his eye the most was woman with eight swords piercing through her shoulders, chest, and head as if skewered. He would laugh as he began to walk up to her, he would then catch a glimpse of something amusing to him, her stomach was rather large for a woman of her size, it was round too.  It wasn't long before the male would laugh even more before speaking. "Ha. .. Hahaha. . .The bitch was pregnant, she fought for her life and died, the bitch died. . .died. . .DIED AHAHAHA. . ."

What a savage he was, he absolutely was disgusted by his past self, why was he watching this.  Hold on that male that stuck him told him he wanted his sins.  would this be what he was talking about?  This was absolute madness it made little to no sense what was going on!

His past self would stand there looking at her, he would walk over to the pregnant woman who was dead, before stopping at the body staring at, bare feet touching the pool of her blood.  He would smile ear to ear as he began to remove the blades skewering her body except for the one that kept her sitting up in place.  He would grasp two blades in his hand before slicing her like a maniac laughing. "DEAD DEAD DEAD YOU DIED. . .DEAD DEAD DEAD DEAD AHAHAHA YOU STUPID BITCH YOU DIED!" He would smile even more as he hacked off her limbs one by one before throwing one sword to the right piercing someone laying on the ground in the skull.  He would continue to slice her to pieces before the pool of blood began to fill up to his ankles.  He would smile before it quickly faded. "Tsk. . .BORING lets find more dead bodies. . .WAR IS GREAT!" He would begin to turn around walking from the now hacked and mutilated body.  As he began to walk away the blood on his bare feet would trail with him.  He began to walk more forward as he would still see dead bodies left and right, flames trailing around burned up bodies even some looked fried from electrocution. He would just laugh more and more, he stopped walking he began running, the blood from his feet before would soon follow behind.  He would continue running, this was a battle field, this was what he was told was what he was born for.  War, this was war, he wanted more of it, he had a huge thirst for it.

This was straight up madness, he couldn't watch this anymore.  He was a changed person, he didn't have such thoughts for chaos and destruction but more for power.  He had what he wanted but he wanted this madness to stop.  Why was he watching a past vision he had at one time.  This was getting ridiculous, this male would surely pay for what he put him through.  He would put him through the same pain he was currently going through right now.

It wasn't long before he found himself in front of a building, leading up to the building were steps. The steps too were coated in red, he would grin even more, what awaited him in this building. He would begin to walk up the steps as he began to speak to himself. "This is perfect, war. . .I finally get to see war. . .Kazekage, old man I saw war. . .you old bastard I saw what you could not. . .WAR ahahah WAR!" He would begin laughing as he stood at the doors of the building.  He would sigh before smile pulling his arm back and thrusting it forward causing his fist to connect into the wooden structure blowing it off it's hinges causing it to slide on the ground. Suddenly the ground as coating in red sand.  The door would be swallowed up by the sand as it slid through. He would cock his head to the side as his smile began to fade, his eyes widened as he took a closer look at the area.  He was so fixated on the blood and the bodies that he didn't think of where he was.  The area was coated in sand, the people skewered were villagers hidden in the sand and the red sand was caused from the blood.  Village hidden in the sand was attacked. His facial expression began to increase back into a smile before he began laughing.  "Ahahah, who was made a fool now LORD KAZEKAGE! AHAHA" He began to walk forward as his bare feet began to sink into the sand he would laugh to himself.

Did he really say that, why did he want the Kazekage dead in the first place. He couldn't remember any of this, in fact he knew his appearance all together was changed so what the hell was going on right now.  This made no sense. . .this has to stop and it has to stop now.  He couldn't bare to watch anymore, his head was starting to pound as he watched all these events transpire, he couldn't even remember any of this in fact was he so sure it was him?

He was at the gates of the village hidden in sand.  He would walk forward as the sun shined on the red sand.  The heat waves would be unbearable but the male continued to walk forward he would smile even more as he saw sand villagers even villagers from another village dead.  He would continue laughing walking forward, he would abruptly stop as he saw something that made him smile even more.  The Kazekage hat lay on the sand coated in blood.  On top of the symbol that would be the Kanji for wind was the color of red from blood, blood would continuously drop onto the hat.  This would catch his interest he would look up as he saw a body pinned to the building.  In each hand a kunai pierced through his palms. Through his gut was a sword pierced through directly into the building. The blade coated in the mans blood, the blood would drip off the blade as it would run down from the males gut.  The blood would drop and connect onto the hat making a very faint sound of blood dropping.  Behind the man sand would pour out from behind him pouring onto the ground, the male who was looking at this sight would just smile laughing even more before pointing his index finger.  "Oh you have got to be kidding me! The great Kazekage is dead? The man who lives to serve his village died and didn't protect it?! ahaha what a laugh, this is too good. If I met the man who did this I would give him my approval before taking off his head!"

No this was beginning to be too much for him, he couldn't continue to watch but his eyes would just be fixated on the events.  His head was pounding.

He would laugh again as he began to walk up to the hat on the ground. He would bend over before lifting up the hat, blood would run down from the hat onto his hand, he would smile as he looked closely at the hat staring at the blood.  He would then lift the hat up high before placing it onto his head.  The blood would drip from the rim of the hat as he would just smile.  He would look around the area, the area full of death and destruction. He was witnessing war.  He loved every bit of it.  He began to walk underneath the pierced body of the man formally known as the Kazekage.  As he walked underneath the former Kazekage's hat worn by the male who was now walking would be coated in more blood.  He would then punch through the door of the building the man who was pierced was now attached to.  As the male began to walk into the building the reality began to fade. The male's eyes would widen as the room became a black void again, the hat he once wore for little time too faded. He was back in the dark room that he started in.  In his head again he heard the music that lead him to be trapped in this room.  The music seemed so familiar to him but what was the significance.  As he walked through the dark void it eventually led to light.  The light would shine onto his face, he would look left to right, the scene of war was gone.

The male would simply watch as the event faded and the male who struck him would smile as he touched the shoulder of the one who watched everything. Once done a vast amount of knowledge spun into his head.  Knowledge of power that creating black flames that did not burn but cut through genjutsu and even changed the weather.  The Black flames would later describe of another power to them that would summon a black beast to consume all though it would not tell how.  Once done the reality would shatter and he was back in the black room with his red and black hue color.  He would walk up to the figure sitting in lotus pose.  Suddenly he would touch his shoulders and disappear. As this happened the figure in the lotus pose would gain all the knowledge the red and black like hued figure would know.  The trial of Demons was now complete.


As the figure who was sitting down would open his eyes the black world would fade as he found himself sitting in an empty field of grass surrounded by water except for a path behind him which was clearly open for him to leave.  The male would simply sigh as he got up from the ground and began to leave. On his sides he caried three swords with gold like lettering on the bottom of their casings which translated to Angel, Demon, God.  It wasn't long till the male had completely left the area.  His training was complete, at least for now



Claiming 3 Shiaki=9k 12112-9,000=3112WC

Zanpaktou Description 900WC Needed 3112-900=2212WC

Claiming the rest of the 2212WC for Saving}

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Trials of Three: The trials of Shiaki  6e3ZxLl
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Trials of Three: The trials of Shiaki
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