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 Rules of Affiliating

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Kohei "Light" Shichisei

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PostSubject: Rules of Affiliating   Sun May 17, 2015 3:40 pm

These are the rules for going about affiliating with our lovely site here. Just simple things that need to be followed as this is still a site that belongs to us, and we the staff would prefer that these rules be followed, hopefully you understand now then.

1.Permission: Yes you definitely need permission before you go ahead and post your affiliate information onto our site. How do you get said permission? Well simple you either wait for the site owner, Roland, in the CB and ask for permission there or you message him via PMS {recommended}. After which he will ask you ask to what your site is about and will decide from there.

2.You Post We Post: This rule strictly states that by posting your affiliate information into our site you give us full permission to do the same. If we catch that you are not honoring this agreement we will remove your page indefinitely and possibly have the alignment terminated if the rule is not followed. This rule is only so that fairness can be achieved.

3.No Spamming: This should be a given, if you got permission to affiliate with us GRAND! But please do not go about spamming the advertisement everywhere including your signature, CB, PM, or even over and over again in the affiliate forum. We are happy and would love for your site to flourish but we too want the same.

4.Buttons: If you notice right now we do not have any affiliate buttons section on our widgets, though we will plan to change this upon getting our first affiliate. Once done we ask that you take our own personal button and put it on your page as we will do the same for you. If you do not do this your affiliate page will be terminated and your button will be removed from our widget.

Well that is all the rules, remember we are a first and coming site and we would love more than anything to help you out but you got to help us out to. In other words this is team work. GO TEAM! Anyway, hope to see you flourish in all that you do till then, special regards from those of your Humble Staff.

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Rules of Affiliating
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