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 Metsuki Construct: Hell Hounds

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PostSubject: Metsuki Construct: Hell Hounds   Sun May 17, 2015 9:08 pm

Name: Metsuki Construct: Hell Hounds
Rank: SS
Jutsu Type: Ninjuts
Element: -
Duration/Cooldown:Indefinate{or until hound is dead}/amount of posts active x2


What it does:
This jutsu allows the wielder of the Black eye or White eye of Metsuki be able to construct their chakra into the the air. Once done the chakra will be formed into a solid wolf that takes on the same appearance of a Hell Hound. The user has the ability to create two hell hounds, the first one uses the SSrank Chakra capacity to activate the jutsu the other uses A rank chakra capacity to summon which is much weaker than the first. Each hound can not be seen by the human eye in fact who ever they are targeting are the only ones that can see them, however doujutsu users are another story all together because the hounds are made out of pure chakra they are visible to doujutsu. The hounds will not attack unless their target had been susceptible to the E rank Fuinjutsu Mark. The hound's are completely blind but if the target has the Mark from the E rank jutsu on them the Hounds will sense them right away to attack them. The strength and speed are different to both Hounds as one requires more chakra than the other.

Strength and Speed of Each Hound.
  • SS Chakra Capacity Hound: SS Rank Strength S Rank Speed

  • A Chakra Capacity Hound:A Rank Strength B Rank Speed

Each hound has the ability to split their heads completely open to reveal tiny sharp jagged teeth on each side of their heads. If the hound successfully latched onto the target the blades would grow in size of 5 meters ripping into the flesh at the strength the Hound has. {See above for reference} The hounds also have a smoke like appearance which allows attacks under C rank to pass through them.

Laws of this Jutsu:

  • The target must have the E rank Fuinjutsu Mark on them for the hounds to even take effect.

  • Hounds don't need an upkeep of chakra to keep them active as they are created instantly from the chakra capacity from the beginning and are no longer apart of the User.

  • Those with Doujutsu and Those who are the Hound's targets can only see them.

  • Resistance for the SS Chakra Capacity Hound is SS rank Health or higher.

  • Resistance for A Chakra Capacity Hound is A rank Health or Higher.

  • Ninjutsu attacks equal to or lower than C Rank have no effect on the Hounds

  • If the Metsuki user of the Black eye uses this jutsu it advances their death from 6 posts to 4 posts.

  • If the user of White metsuki eye uses this jutsu if the hounds have been active for more than 4 posts the hounds will go to attack the user because of the White eye's chakra power release.

Wordcount to learn: 5000
Bonus Requirements: Limited to Leader of Metsuki or taught to successor.
At least Black Eye Mastered.
Metsuki Clan

This jutsu was designed by the head of the Metsuki clan but he later passed it onto the next successor who would be killed by it later on his life when he had to battle his sister, Enzeru's mother.

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Metsuki Construct: Hell Hounds
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