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 Gyuki Ink Spilling

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PostSubject: Gyuki Ink Spilling   Mon May 18, 2015 3:32 pm

Name: Ink Spilling

What it does: This skill allows the user to create ink in their mouth or body allowing the creation of various jutsu.  However the user can also spit ink into water to create a cloudy water that is opaque and can blind a target should it get in their eyes. This however can be washed out with normal water. This can be used to turn normal water element jutsu into ink for the cost of 1 D rank on top of the normal jutsu cost.

Wordcount: Free to Hachibi and his jinchuriki
Chakra Cost: 1 D rank to make ink for this skills purpose only. 1 C rank to turn normal water jutsu into ink
Bonus Requirements: Free to Hachibi and his jinchuriki
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PostSubject: Re: Gyuki Ink Spilling   Wed May 20, 2015 12:31 pm


Kenjiro Nakamura's Stats.
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Gyuki Ink Spilling
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