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 Cloud Strife GFX Request

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Cloud Strife

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PostSubject: Cloud Strife GFX Request   Mon May 18, 2015 6:44 pm

Style: Avi and Sig
Face Claim: Cloud Strife
Background: I would like the Background on the Signiture to be Cloud riding his bike Fenrir to Midgar, the Avi I leave in your hands for the background, maybe a Mako stream or something incorporated somewhere?
Name of Character: Cloud Strife
Description: Well Advent Children Cloud would be best, as I said for the Sig Cloud riding Fenrir to Midgar in the background, with another picture of Cloud with his sword in his hand over his shoulder and maybe a Mako Stream incorporated somewhere, maybe Sephiroths meteor falling or something, just as long as it is nicely Final Fantasy 7 themed, any game or Movie connected to FF7 will work aswell, the Signiture I leave in your hands for creativity as long as it is Cloud Strife
Ryo:{this will be filled out by me if it is a signature and if you choose ryo as a payment if not a signature then use the payment list to figure out what to put here.}
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Enzeru The New Workaholic

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PostSubject: Re: Cloud Strife GFX Request   Tue May 19, 2015 3:32 am

Cloud sig
cloud avatar

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Cloud Strife GFX Request
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