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 Gift for Kikato

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PostSubject: Gift for Kikato   Wed May 20, 2015 4:56 pm

A unique black crow would arrive at the Kazekage chambers late in the evening with a letter from Kirito the Hokage tied to it's leg. This crow was Kirito's personal pet, Karasu. Or at least it used to be Kirito's personal pet. Kirito had sent Karasu to the Land of Wind as a piece offering to Kikato. Kirito was aware that a new Kazekage had taken charge of the village, but his relationship with Kikato was an old one indeed and so it was Kikato that Kirito sent Karasu to.

The letter attached to Karasu's leg simply stated to Kikato that this was a unique crow with mangekyo sharingan eyes and the techniques the crow could use. The letter would then go on to explain that this was an offering in hopes of continued peace between Konoha and Ukiyoe, especially with both villages gaining new Kage to rule over them. The letter would express a hope that perhaps Kirito and Kikato could guide the second generation of Kage in their respective villages and work with each other as they have done in the past. Finally, the letter would say that Karasu was now Kikato's to keep and if Kikato wished to send a reply he was welcome to do so with another means instead of using Karasu.
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Gift for Kikato
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