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 Grave Procedure: Truth Seeking Balls

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PostSubject: Grave Procedure: Truth Seeking Balls   Wed May 20, 2015 4:59 pm

Name: Grave Procedure: Truth Seeking Balls
Rank: S
Jutsu Type: Devil Fruit
Element: -
Duration/Cooldown: Indefinate / Duration + 3 posts
Range: Well since TSB does not have a range I will say 60 meters for this and 50 meters for that?


What it does: Along with being able to hold the property of the founding jutsu:

Truth Seeking Balls:

It also adds the ability to implant the Ope Ope no Mi's effects onto whatever it comes into contact with, allowing the user to operate upon the square foot of space where the ball touched the target.

Wordcount to learn:
Bonus Requirements: Truth Seeking Balls, Ope Ope no Mi

Backstory: -


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Grave Procedure: Truth Seeking Balls
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