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 Grell Sutcliff's Chainsaw [LW]

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PostSubject: Grell Sutcliff's Chainsaw [LW]    Thu May 21, 2015 11:10 pm

Name: Death Scythe: Chainsaw

Rank: SS
Special Abilities:

Chakra Cutting: This weapon has the ability to rip through chakra like it was nothing, this is because of the specific chains that rotate at mass speeds of SS.  Because of these chains it cuts through the chakra through and ethereal chakra attack.  This renders any Ninjutsu attack of SS or lower completely useless against the chainsaw.  Note this is only used for ninjutsu if say a weapon was in contact of the saw it would just react like any other regular fight.  However the range of the ethereal attack is around Touch to 15 meters of the saw.

Chakra Harvesting: This specific weapon was created in another world which was made by a reaper.  Because of this characteristic the chakra that the chains rip through from the Chakra cutting ability allows the wielder to harvest the chakra for their own use.  Harvesting depends on the rank of the ninjutsu that was harvested.  Also the chakra that is harvested does not include the element of the ninjutsu only the chakra capacity. This ability uses a rank of the chakra capacity cut through to harvest which subtracts one Rank from the overall chakra capacity the user gets.  This ability has a cool down of four posts each time used

  • SS rank Harvesting=S rank Chakra Capacity

  • S rank Harvesting=A rank Chakra Capacity

  • A rank Harvesting=B rank Chakra Capacity

  • B rank Harvesting=C rank Chakra Capacity

  • C rank Harvesting=D rank Chakra Capacity

  • D rank Harvesting=E rank Chakra Capacity

Soul Harvesting: This weapon has an ability that if it takes the life of a target it can harvest their soul or life to the point where it can add +1 rank in strength to weapon, the max the weapon can be capped at is X which would require two kills with this weapon. However if the user of the weapon dies or gives up the weapon the souls harvested are set free and the Strength of the weapon is once again SS.

Reapers Light Weight: The wielder of this weapon will be able to move this weapon with ease due to it being synced up to the user's soul.

Price: Event
Character Specific:-
Bonus Requirements:Defeat Grell Sutcliff

This Chainsaw was made by the reaper known as Grell Sutcliff a homicidal masochistic Red haired reaper who has a rather. . .interesting personality.  It is said if you can defeat him in battle or even a game of wits possibly even charming him, though how could you possibly match Sebastian's looks and personality, then you will receive his Chainsaw.

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Grell Sutcliff's Chainsaw [LW]
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