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 Time for an Adventure

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PostSubject: Time for an Adventure   Fri May 22, 2015 10:29 pm

It was one of those cloudy days in the village in which many people thought it was going to rain. On this day, Dusk had walked into the Hokage's office with a note in hand making sure that Kirito was somehow not in the office so that he could avoid a major conversation, hangover and all. At this point, he would drop a letter on the males desk disguised as his secretary and walk out only to leave the office the same way he came.

Addressed in the note was the following,"

To the Hokage, I feel it is time for me to go about traveling again, naturally as an ANBU i have been hearing rumors of the mist having some activity again. Due to this I am going to go and have a look see for myself to see if these rumors are true or not. If they are i'll send a report, if not...well then i won't,"

With that he made his way towards the gates where he would prepare his journey.


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Time for an Adventure
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