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 Orb of Souls

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Yoshi Dichimaru
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PostSubject: Orb of Souls   Sat May 23, 2015 6:54 pm

Name: Orb of Souls

The Giant Orb

Rank: S
Special Abilities:
Chakra Thread Cloak: In order to use this weapon the user needs to use chakra threads from one hand connected to the orb in some way, once connected to the orb, the chakra of the thread immediately gets cloaked in the process of just making the chakra invisible to give the sight of the Orb floating in mid air, this does not cloak the sense of the chakra as it is very much still there it just makes the threads invisible once connected.

Ghost Phasing: This orb has the ability to make itself phase through any and everything much like a ghost, though while in this form it can not attack either.  This would mostly be used for a strategic attack from behind with the orb as it could create spacing or even potentially catch someone off guard from behind, this skill takes B rank chakra capacity to use and has a cool down of two posts.

Density Change: This ability allows the orb to alter it's density making it hit harder.  This will had +1 strength to the overall Orb's attacks. This move requires B rank chakra capacity to use and has a cool down of one two posts.

Size Altercation: This ability allows the orb to change it's size which the minimum can be an 5inches in diameter to put away and a maximum of 2ft.  If the chakra threads are removed from the ball it will immediately shrink into 5 inches. Once chakra threads are connected it assumes the size of 1ft but which the added chakra capacity of B the user can make it expand to 2ft in diameter.  This has a cool down of 3 posts and an upkeep of D rank chakra to keep the size up.

Chakra Nature Conductor: This ability allows the user to store their chakra nature through the chakra threads to convert the orb into a orb of what ever chakra nature they put into the threads.  This requires B rank chakra capacity to add the chakra nature, D rank upkeep to continue the chakra nature.  This has a cool down of 2 posts.

Price: 9000
Character Specific: Yoshi {once he learns chakra threads}
Bonus Requirements: Know Chakra Threads

It is unknown as to how the orb of souls came to be but it seems to take the appearance of a floating ball of chakra when in fact it is an orb that can change it's density, size and take the illusion of floating through chakra threads.

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PostSubject: Re: Orb of Souls   Sat May 23, 2015 7:21 pm


Kenjiro Nakamura's Stats.
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Orb of Souls
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