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 Xern Yuki(WIP)

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Xern Shikami
Xern Shikami

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PostSubject: Xern Yuki(WIP)   Sun May 24, 2015 6:06 pm

Name: Xern "Shikami" Yuki
Age: 14
Gender: Male

/Users/karl/Desktop/LEauge folder/Xern1.jpg
Personality: Xern is a cheerful young man, always thinking optimistically, though he dose have some mood swings about certain things. His opinion about others can be blunt and harshly truthful. Being like this, he try not to talk, though he dose like to show of his intelligence to others. While in combat he is emotionless and silent, blending in with the world around him. He has a split personality when it comes to battle. he becomes a different person, not wanting to lose and doing everything he can to defeat his enemy. He doesn't like to use any *flashy* weapons. As he is in combat his allies protection is histamine objective and the enemies death is second. This can turn into a problem though, since he will jump infront of a attack.

History: When born Xern was abandoned being believed to be a curse from his mother. As a child born from the Yuki, he was not loved and in which cause the abandonment. After being abandoned, a Woman around the age of 21 found him, still as a stone almost dead from the cold The woman picked him up and took him to the village she was going towards. after a few days of travel, The woman arrives at the village she was heading to, The village hidden in the leaves.

Likes: Senbons, leeks, battle, the cold.

Ninja Traits

Rank: What rank you are applying for.
Village: What village you are wanting to join.
Element(s): What elements you have, rules for this can be found here.
Clan: The clan your character is in, please make sure it is approved before making the character.  If your clan is village specific you MUST start in that village

Bijuu Request: If you would like to start as a Jinchuriki, rules for this can be found here.



(D)-Strength- Power of physical attacks, how much they can lift and how much they can understandably carry.
(E)-Locomotive Speed- Used to determine how fast someone can attack, run or throw.
(D)-Reaction Speed- Used to determine how they react to attacks, movement of limbs in a stationary position and such.
(E)-Health- Used to determine how many hits one can take.


(E)-Thought Speed- Used to determine the speed of the user's thought, this is like reaction but for planning.
(E)-Jutsu Knowledge- Used to determine how many highest rank jutsu you can use(Rank above you)
(E)-Willpower- Used to resist mental attacks/effects
(E)-Mental Sharpness- Used to determine power of mental attacks/effects


(D)-Chakra Capacity- Used to determine how many jutsus user can cast
(D)-Sealing and Spacial/Time- Used to determine how fast jutsus of this kind are activated/speed/power.
(E)-Medical and Physical Enhancement-
(E)-Ninjutsu and Kinjutsu-
(E)-Poisons and Puppetry-

This is an example of D rank or Genin starting stats. For more information you can check the Stat Rules.

The Player

Other Characters: Any other characters you have need to be listed here.
Roleplay Sample: Your roleplay sample is listed here, please include which scenario you are performing at the top.
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Xern Yuki(WIP)
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