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 Shin Uchiha Father

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PostSubject: Shin Uchiha Father   Shin Uchiha Father EmptyMon May 25, 2015 4:10 pm

So we all know of Season 3 of Naruto and the new Uchiha Shin who has guts to kill his Sasuke. Well he got those bad intentions from his father we will figure out who his father is. I will provide the stuff I have theorized below.

First while looking stuff up I found this picture of Obito Naruto Kakashi Sasuke Kaguya and Sakura in Kaguya Dimension. Remember Those are the only people in there Black Zetsu is somewhere lying on the ground a few feet away but out of the picture frame.

Shin Uchiha Father 6

So who else sees that silhouette up on the mountain is if it is looking at the battle or leaving. No one can come in Kaguya dimension unless with Kamui or Kaguga teleports them into the dimension. The figure seems to be wearing a cloak. Could it be Shin's father?

Now after looking at the cloaked man here is a picture of Shin's father.

Shin Uchiha Father Shishui_by_qaelios-d8taz5w

K back to it. Shin or his father has acess to use Kamui could it be Shin's father used it to get to Kaguya dimension where he found the mini Ten Tails?

Shin's father eyes have stitches on them meaning he lost his eyes. What other Uchiha is there that lost their eyes and was a good friend of Itachi. Bingo ur correct Shisui. Remember Kabuto said he could not Edo Shisui because he failed to find the body. Of course he couldn't find it if the Shisui was still alive or better yet was already Edo back to life. The cloaked man eyes are glassy like those of a Edo Tensei

Look below for the Edo Tensei theory

Itachi Edo Sharingan

Shin Uchiha Father Itachi_EdoTensei

Shin Father Eye

Shin Uchiha Father Shin's_Fathers_Eye

Both eyes are the same excluding the color and stitches.

So I think Kabuto did manage to revive Shisui but failed to gain control of the very powerful Uchiha like with Itachi. So I think Shisui convinced Kabuto to not tell other people about him being revived and left. Therefore being a Edo with unlimited chakra and being immune to the Infinite Tsukuyomi which means that allowed him yo bypass the Genjytsu as well as get in Kaguys dimension.

What do you guys think REPLY

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Shin Uchiha Father
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