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 Hakame Hoshigaki

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Hakame Hoshigaki
Hakame Hoshigaki

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Character sheet
Character Name: Toshiro "Yukizuka" Hitsuguya
Clan: Yuki/Inuzuka
Element: Water, Ice

PostSubject: Hakame Hoshigaki   Tue May 26, 2015 11:16 pm

Name: Hakame Hoshigaki
Age: 14
Birthday: August 6th
Gender: Male

Without Mask:

With Mask:

Personality: Hakame was a good-hearted, compliant, and eager shinobi, believing that a person becomes truly strong when they have someone important to protect.
He suffers from a belief that he is unnecessary, Because he has No one important to protect.he refused to bond with his team-mates when they were on a mission together so one could call him Distant.
Although he has also shown to be honest and humble to his comrades. He has a playful and morbid sense of humour and has often made light of serious situations while sporting a sadistic grin. This trait would even show during his fights as he would often mock his opponents .

He never felt as though he had a place or knew who he truly was as he was often ordered to undertake gruesome missions such as killing his own comrades. As such, he came to the conclusion that his entire life has been a lie. Hakame loves to fight. He is quite sadistic and demonstrates no hesitation in mutilating his opponents, as seen when he suggested cutting off a Genin's legs to make him easier to carry and to prevent the latter from escaping on foot. Despite his aggressive nature, Hakame is very perceptive and keen mind in battle, able to deduce the basics behind an opponent's technique and react to any potential danger he is aware of.

History: Hakame was Born in the night of August 6th (Yes Hiroshima's Bombing date, was done on purpose) the birthing was so violent that he killed his mother on his way out, but not before causing her great pain, and thus he was born with blood on his hands and in his mouth that was not his.

As he grew up he was often picked on for being different though it did not take the kids long to fear him when one day he had enough and pummeled a kid and bit the kid's ear off, and swallowed it.

He Was Sent to the Kirigakure Academy for young ninja's and his great talent for fighting was honed, and as a result of this, he had killed most of his class, mostly those who had proven to be better then him on their grades in anything else, so for fear of their lives the rest of his class had purposefully failed as not to show this kid up and wind up like the rest...a Training "Accident".

When he graduated he would find himself alone as he was abonded by his father, but he did not care, he was a ninja, a killing machine...but he did not have a purpose other then that, no one to protect, being the only graduate of his class he was not apart of a Cell and was taught by himself, and one day he got a summons, they were to take out the capitol of the land and Call Kirigakure the focus, and the ninja were off, and when the main forces were waiting for night fall, he went ahead.

He had caught the Entire village by surprise with the help of their own Mist mixed in with his, As he slaughtered all in his way, he did not kill everyone from the village, but it was safe to say he won that village single handedly, the cowards fleeing to Konoha.

When he returned he was offered a position as a Operative of the ANBU he would still be a Rank of Special Jounin, the official promotion for the job well done, Publicly, and he would only be a trainee ANBU operative, He was highly skilled and one of their Youngest, then one day there was nothing he could do, these men suddenly came in and invaded his homeland and claimed the mantle of Mizukage and their ruler, one day He vowed to get to the bottom of why.

Likes: Fighting, Blood, Murder, Loyalty, Belonging
Dislikes: Disloyalty, Weakness, Dreariness, Cowards, Normality

Ninja Traits

Rank: B-rank
Village: Kirigakure
Element(s): Wind
Clan: Hoshigaki/Inuzuka

Bijuu Request: -



(B)-Strength- Power of physical attacks, how much they can lift and how much they can understandably carry.
(C)-Locomotive Speed- Used to determine how fast someone can attack, run or throw.
(B)-Reaction Speed- Used to determine how they react to attacks, movement of limbs in a stationary position and such.
(C)-Health- Used to determine how many hits one can take.


(B)-Thought Speed- Used to determine the speed of the user's thought, this is like reaction but for planning.
(C)-Jutsu Knowledge- Used to determine how many highest rank jutsu you can use(Rank above you)
(B)-Willpower- Used to resist mental attacks/effects
(C)-Mental Sharpness- Used to determine power of mental attacks/effects


(C)-Chakra Capacity- Used to determine how many jutsus user can cast
(D)-Sealing and Spacial/Time- Used to determine how fast jutsus of this kind are activated/speed/power.
(D)-Medical and Physical Enhancement-
(D)-Ninjutsu and Kinjutsu-
(C)-Poisons and Puppetry-

The Player

Other Characters: Kikato, Agito (Both Alive) Ajani, Tenno, Toshiro (Retired)
Roleplay Sample:-

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Hakame Hoshigaki
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