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 LW: Avo's Tear

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PostSubject: LW: Avo's Tear   Wed May 27, 2015 10:05 pm

Name: Avo's Tear

Rank: SS
Special Abilities:

Hardened Spirit- The sword can boost its own durability and sharpness, making the durability/sharpness go up to X rank. It does this by consuming chakra from the user, enhancing the durability/sharpness of the sword at a cost of A rank chakra each post.

Aura Wave- The user can launch a wave of light blue chakra out of the blade, the wave reading up to 30 meters from the user, with a length of 3 meters, and a depth of .5 meters. The wave has A rank power, and S rank speed. Costs A rank chakra. A jutsu can be imbued into this wave, giving the wave the properties of a jutsu of the user's choice. This will cost the same as using the jutsu.

Final Closure- Avo's tear, blessed by a man who sacrificed his life to close a portal which threatened his home, is capable of ignoring dimensional laws. That is to say that the wielder of Avo's Tear is not bound by rules based on dimensional location. For example, should the wielder enter a dimension which denies the usage of chakra, the user will be able to ignore this, and use chakra anyway, so long as they have the sword. This also allows the user to 'cut' dimensions, allowing the user to open portals to other dimensions, so long as they have been to said dimension at least once before. Opening the portal costs A rank chakra.

Price: Event
Character Specific: N/A
Bonus Requirements: N/A



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PostSubject: Re: LW: Avo's Tear   Fri Jun 05, 2015 2:00 am


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LW: Avo's Tear
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