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 The Hawk, The Cat, and the Annoying Clone (Travel)

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Dusk of the Iron Maiden

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PostSubject: The Hawk, The Cat, and the Annoying Clone (Travel)   Thu May 28, 2015 7:48 am

"So you are finally leaving to go out and do something...My my what a man you have become, still resorting to the laziest method of traveling i see," the odd voiced chimed causing Dusk who had been in bird form to sigh. Even if they had only been ten minutes from the village, Matatabi was still giving him shit. Below he had kept close watch on his Clone body, the sight of it just sitting or rather laying on the cloud of Iron Sand made him laugh a bit as if it had been doing the same thing he usually did. After tuning out his partner for a moment he simply shook his avian head and replied," Look how we travel is my business and if you want to become my new steed and get me from point A to point B, then be quiet and allow me to do what I want alright," the two arguing was something that happened everyday though they meant it as a sign of their friendship it did get a little...odd at times.

The fact that the third voice, that being of Ryujin Jakka only listened to the two bicker made it all the more interesting, the fire Zanpakuto never really "spoke" so to speak, only just observed its partner. Though Dusk had a few conversations with the sword, he did not know much about the infernal creation though he would have to produce another conversation with him. As the two bodies traveled their way through the mountain, the clone looked up towards the bird in which it would fly downward before landing onto its shoulder," What do you want?," of course the clone simply looked at the bird, not saying anything just leaving the two in silence.

Seconds turned into minutes before the bird became angry and slapped the clone with its wing," Look you fuck, I didn't turn into a bird just so I could fly up and down to entertain you. If that was the case I would have just traveled myself...You know what goodbye," irrational anger was something Dusk had gotten into a groove of after his prior loss of control over the souls residing in him, though after that little fiasco he had grasped a better control of them and instead of suppressing them he just made them one with himself.

Turning out of his hawk form into that of his feminine ANBU form, the red lightning slowly dissipated as he or rather she crossed her legs and sat upon the cloud of sand with a smile," Now this is a bit better....Don't need to waste any unnecessary energy and I don't need to get pissed off by my the hell does that even work," either he had been scaring himself as of late or the little mental breakdown of his had caused his brain to crack a bit, thus letting out some other form of him.

So here he (she) was, the Captain of the Assassination Squad of Konohagakure, roaming around the forest on a quest of resolve and recon in a sense though his intentions were more than that. If the village of Kirigakure, home to some of the most infamous swordsmen, had indeed been revived what would that hold for some of the swords created there? The thought of seeing swords both old and new made a smile creep upon his face until he covered it and relaxed," Just the thought of this makes me swell with goosebumps," speaking of swords though, as he made his way towards the exit of Konoha, he would have reached back towards his newest conquest and smile. With Konoha behind him, his new destination was just within reach.

(624/600 words, insta travel to Kiri)


"Who says morals can't outweigh blood?"
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Sorin Lord of Innistrad

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PostSubject: Re: The Hawk, The Cat, and the Annoying Clone (Travel)   Thu May 28, 2015 10:43 am

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The Hawk, The Cat, and the Annoying Clone (Travel)
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