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 Giant Multi Headed Dog

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PostSubject: Giant Multi Headed Dog   Wed Jun 03, 2015 3:50 pm

Name: Giant Multi Headed Dog
Contract Race: Rinnegan Summon
Rank: A


A large, multi-headed dog with wings, this summon had a number of body piercings and Rinnegan. Its fur was all brown-coloured and it had a giant chakra receiver stuck through its head. It also had black colouring around its mouth along with razor sharped teeth and fangs. The summon is roughly 25 meters tall. It starts out with three heads

Strength: B
Locomotive Speed: A
Reaction Speed: B
Health: A

Thought Speed: B
Jutsu Knowledge: B
Will Power: C
Mental Sharpness: C

Chakra Capacity: A
Sealing and Space/Time: B
Medical and Physical Enhancements: B
Ninjutsu and Kinjutsu: A
Poisons and Puppetry: B

Special Abilities:

Hydra Ability: A ability of this summon is that every time it gets hit by a attack it grows two more heads that raises its stats by 1 after the heads regrow. To activate this ability costs A rank chakra with C per post to maintain. The cooldown being 2x the posts maintained. The heads that are grown will disapeer once desummoned as well as the stats

Split: Depending on how many heads the dog has it can split its body into seperate bodies that will have the same stats it had before it split. This ability is A rank each split

Passive Abilities: Flying
Bonus Requirements:[/b] Need Rinnegan
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Giant Multi Headed Dog
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