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Pros and Cons of Playing God With Friends (p) IxCAs2G

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 Pros and Cons of Playing God With Friends (p)

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Pros and Cons of Playing God With Friends (p) Empty
PostSubject: Pros and Cons of Playing God With Friends (p)   Pros and Cons of Playing God With Friends (p) EmptySat Jun 06, 2015 10:58 pm

Man everything was coming up Jun. He'd made a new Inuzuka Friend in Gwyn. He'd learned the history of his clan and their origins! He'd gotten the Rinnegan. He'd killed a secret evil threatening to destroy the world. He and mercy were now pen pals and sending super cute letters back and forth. Plus he and his best friend had just come back from a two week vacation to the beach.

He was sure he was so obnoxious on vacation. This whole, big long story about how he saved the world from a two hundred year old Watarase. All the neat stuff his Rinnegan could do. Me me me, but palace took it in strides, and now it was time to repay her.

It was late in the evening, and the rain was coming down slowly in big fat globs. He had a pink umbrella unfolded over his head that protected him from the terror of wet hair. It also matched his hair!

He knocked on Palace's door, and sprung on his heels like an excited child. He had the best effing present anyone had given anyone ever. They were going to cry so hard. No kidding like. Hearts were going to be so warmed that... tears! Tears of Joy! Jun Had powers now! He wasn't that same kid that lost his arms under the care of the Mizukage anymore. He was a hero in his own right, with his own powers. Powers that could actually do good in the world. He was going to do good. That's what they'd given their lives for. Jun had to bring enough joy, and hope in the world as four people. He might as well start with his best friend!

Pros and Cons of Playing God With Friends (p) Boku_o10
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Pros and Cons of Playing God With Friends (p)
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