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 Noona Ishkursu

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Noona Ishkursu
Noona Ishkursu

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Character sheet
Character Name: Noona Ishkursu
Clan: N/A
Element: Fire

PostSubject: Noona Ishkursu   Wed Jun 10, 2015 8:57 pm

NAME: Noona Ishkursu
AGE: Unknown
BIRTHDAY: December 21st
GENDER: Female

Noona's appearance oftenly changes according how she feels that day and whatever mood she's in. Her natural hair color is jet black and her eyes are pale blue. The other colors her hair and eyes can be is red, green, pink, brown, orange, purple, etc.

Noona was born on one the most torturing winter days ever on December 21st in a small uknown village that was hidden away from other places. Her father Jin was a very skill swordsman and a well known assassin while her mother Yoonmi was the nurse of the village. By the age of 4 her father was teaching her the arts of swordsmanship and had her in martial arts classes daily. Her mother wanted her to keep the tradition of women nurses in the family, but Noona wanted to follow in her father's footsteps. Noona would get upset that she couldn't go with father on his missions; so she would stay at home as her mother nursed the injured assassins and train outside. Day and night Noona had an one on one fight with her shadow to better her fighting skills. By the time she turned 7 she obtained her black belt in martial arts, which made her father proud. There were even days when Noona and her father both trained together side by side. It was very obvious that she was a daddy's girl and would do anything to make him happy that she's his daughter. All year round was a training session for her; winter is her favorite to train in. She believes that it helps better her endurance and strength. Noona's father always told her that she has a special gift within her just waiting to be free. She was confused by what he meant, but he told her to just wait for fire to come. She then became even more puzzled to what she is waiting for. Noona's father would sometimes just take her out the cliff to look over the wide open space and tell her that the world is hers. And to take full advantage of it while she's alive to see it all.
     Two years goes by and there is a sudden invade going on in the village. Noona wakes up noticing it was a bit quiet in the home, she gets out of bed searching around for her parents and sees that they are not there. She runs outside and see that the entire village has been invaded and captured, then tied to a wooden post. There were smoke and flames all over the place, she then spots out her parents from distance tied down, brutality beaten and blood covering their face. Noona starts running towards them and before she could even get to them the invader torches them alive. She felt as if her heart stopped completely and fell to her knees with her tears streaming down her face uncontrollablely. One of the invaders tries grab her, but she quickly moves grabs his ankle knife and impact it into the side of his ankle, then pulls out the blade from the back through the bone ripping part of the muscle out as well. He fell down yelling which alarmed the other invaders to runs towards them. Noona drops the knife and takes off running, but gets cut off by one of the invaders. Stopping her in her trackers while everyone catches up the get a hold of her. She yellings ouf for them to let her go, but no one seemed to listen. Noona's heart rate excelled faster to where she is panting like she's out of breath and her pale blue eyes starts to be over shadowed with red. Then a burst of flames darts out of body covering the entire village and just ashed down whatever else that is alive. She remain sitting on the ground knowning that her parents are no longer with her; which made her cry even more.

     Several years has passed Noona since the massive death of her parents and the villagers. She's been walking through the woods for thousands of miles and sleeping inbetween her long journey. She even taught herself how to stitch together her own clothing to protect her from the harshness of weather. It took Noona another year finally reach up to an upscaled village that was built of fine stone and wood. She glances her eyes until she saw an opening and walk towards it. Then walks through the opening area she was stopped by one the students there that saw her as soon she came through the entrance placing his blade to her neck. He stated to her that she doesn't look like the blood of a Uchiha and pierced her skin softly with his sword questioning her. Noona looks at the male giving him her name. The leader of the Uchiha Clan comes outside and sees one of their students holding his guard for the clan. He comes closer and tells his student to put his sword down and welcomes Noona in to his village. He allowed her to go freshen up a bit and let his wife know that he had welcomed in a complete stranger. Noona goes in to take a shower that she has felt in over 10yrs, the memory  of once having a home brought her to tears. She then pulled herself together and got out of the shower putting back on her clothes and retreated the leader. He smiled as he should her to his wife, the wife was indearly amazed by Noona's pale blue eyes. The welcomed her with opened arms and made sure that each member understood the reasoning of her being there. Noona than saw the leader's son Izuna Uchiha which made her eyes turn into a pale pink meaning that she like him. She would get a bit nervous each time she heard him speak. Izuna finally approached her one day as he saw her outside training alone away from the other members. Noona turns around and stares at him dazzling her pink eyes.
     Seven years goes by as Noona became accustomed to the Uchiha's lifestyle. Her feelings for Izuna got even deeper than what she had expected. The two announced their relationship to everyone then a few months later had their first son Jayy Uchiha. After the birth of Jayy, Noona and Izuna's relationship started to fall apart due to many disagreements. For two years their relationship was on and off constantly until Noona had enough and decided to part away from the Clan. She wanted to take Jayy along, but none of the members allowed her to do so since he is a bloodline of a Uchiha. It tore her apart that she had to leave her only child behind.

    A few months went by as Noona finds herself in the home of the Ishkursu Clan. The leader Kenoshi Ishkursu adopted her as his daughter. Noona felt attached him because he resembled her birth father. She had to quickly get accustomed to their lifestyle and rid out the Uchiha customs. Kenoshi put her through intense train to bring out her truth strength that he felt she was hiding within. He started to push her more and more until he realized that anger is the key to unlock her power. Noona still doesn't really know how to control whatever it is inside her. One day after another year went by while she was outside training a young boy runs up to her and hugs her screaming mommy. Her eyes filled with so much joy seeing that her son has found her. She took Jayy inside and introduced him to the Clan and her adopted father. Kenoshi was extremely shocked to find out that his new daughter has a child. Her adopted mother Tammy was happy to be called grandma and accepted right away. Hell broke loose after Noona stated that her son is a Uchiha, Kenoshi was not accepting to the fact his grandchild being of the Uchiha bloodline. Noona stood every ground for Jayy to make sure that he was welcomed there as mush as she is. Kenoshi finally accepted Jayy as his grandson and let him stay there in their home.
     One month goes by until Izuna finds Noona along with their son Jayy. He apologizes to her for the bad years they had after she birth Jayy. Noona accepts his apology and tries to mend their relationship back together, but once again it went down hill. Izuna tries to take Jayy back with him, but Jayy was more attached to his mother hint to why he run away to look for her. Kenoshi banded Izuna out for as long as he was the leader of the Ishkursu Clan. Noona was later given the title as Noona Ishkursu and became the Clan's new leader while her father stepped down from leading. She started to train her son the same way her birth father did with her, but she only wished that she was able to do so early at his 4th year when she started out.

     Noona then branched out away from the Ishkursu home to build her own home and run the Clan, but slowly everyone started to lose their interest of sticking around. So she started a new recruit and while she doing so Jayy found his father Izuna and lead him to the new home. And once again we try again for our relationship to work hoping things would change for the best. It just was not happening for us to ever be together. At that point Noona knew that it was officially over for the two of them to happy once again like before. Jayy was not happy knowning how has father hurted his mother and grew to hate him. His anger grew bigger as he got older and filled his heart with hatred towards his father. His plan is to get revenge and make Izuna pay for all pain he has caused. Although Noon was hurt by Jayy's father action and words she was more remotely to just taking him out herself and move on from there.
     Years had went by and Noona had giving up on being a leader and started roaming again, but this time she had a home and a son that she can always return from her long missions. Once she felt that it was the right time to take Jayy along with her on missions. She made sure that he was prepared for anything to come towards him and being aware of the dangers. There were time when she go from one village to another just to spar with members there to test her skills. While other times she was thrown out as soon as she stepped foot into a kingdom. Noona's appearance can sometimes seem a little unpleasant and misleading as to like she might pose a threat.  Now Noona is looking for a new path to take a her talents to that will allow her to step forward and to become stronger.

Likes: Calming music, snow, waterfalls, being outdoors, chocolate brownies

Dislikes: Being in one place for a long time, ignorance, people who are mean, smalled mindedness

Ninja Traits

Rank: Student
Village: N/A
Clan: Ishkursu
Element: Fire

Bijuu Request: N/A
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Noona Ishkursu
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