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 Kirito learns some stuff

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Kirito the Forest Sage
Kirito the Forest Sage

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PostSubject: Kirito learns some stuff   Kirito learns some stuff EmptySat Jan 31, 2015 10:43 pm

Kirito had gotten up early this morning as usual. He was going into the forest today to do some solo training, well as solo as he could get being a Jinchuuriki. Nothing was really solo for him anymore with Isobu being as active as he was nowadays. He couldn't even remember a day anymore that the giant turtle kept to himself. Not that it bothered Kirito. In fact he was rather glad to have someone to always keep him company even if they weren't on the best terms. Kirito was working on that as well. He still had that promise to keep about befriending the Sanbi sealed inside of him. Today Kirito was planning on practicing the Body Flicker and Hidden Mist techniques along with some Taijutsu moves and maybe even developing some chakra threads skills. After waking up this morning he gathered his ninja gear, strapped Kubikiribocho to his back and headed out to his favorite spot in the forest to begin his training.

'What are you doing today boy? Anything interesting enough to entertain me?'

And it begins. Kirito had just arrived at a clearing in the forest 40 meters in diameter when Isobu first decided to speak up today. 'Oh just some training so I can kick your ass next time you try to take over my body again.' he said in a semi-teasing, semi-threatening manner. He still wanted to be friends with Isobu but he was cautious not to let the Sanbi get too powerful. Kirito couldn't allow him to take over his body and start rampaging. 'You can train all yo want boy, when I want to take over I will.'

Kirito smirked at the Sanbi's response as he pulled a book out of the bag he had brought with him. The book depicted instructions on how to perform a number of various D rank techniques from using a chakra scalpel to Taijutsu and elemental techniques like Leaf Whirlwind and the Hidden Mist techniques. He moved over to sit underneath a tree with his back against the trunk and flipped through the book and stopped on the page that described a useful technique called Body Flicker. This technique allows the user to move at high speeds they wouldn't normally be able to reach buy infusing all of their muscles with chakra, making them more able to respond to commands and use their full potential. It was a fairly simple technique. There was only one hand sign to perform the jutsu. The Ram hand seal.

Kirito closed the book and set it down beside him then stood up, ready to begin trying to learn the Body Flicker technique. He focused on manipulating his chakra, infusing it into all of his muscles. Once he had finished kneading his chakra, he would perform the necessary Ram hand seal to initiate the Body Flicker technique. Immediately it seemed as if the world slowed around him. Leaves previously floating in the wind slowed to a standstill, swaying trees became still. He ran a quick lap around the clearing before stopping back in his original position and ending the technique. It was a good start but he wanted to try it one more time before moving on. Kirito pulled out a kunai as he focused his chakra back into his muscles. He threw the kunai at a tree 35 meters in front of him and then immediately performed the Ram hand seal as soon as the kunai left his fingertips. Again the world around him slowed to a standstill, the kunai he had thrown stopped mid air 6 ft away from its intended target. Kirito ran until he was in front of the kunai and grabbed it. Once the kunai was back in his hand, he released the technique and the world regained its normal flow of time. This was an interesting and potentially useful technique.

'That was somewhat interesting boy but don't you have anything that might be a bit more entertaining for me.'

'I do have something in mind. Just sit back and watch Isobu.' he said in answer to the Sanbi. Suddenly an immense power radiated from Kirito, a 5 meter radius crater formed below him. A dark red chakra began to surround him starting at the top of his head and making it's way down his entire body. A clearly defined shell formed over his back out of the chakra cloak, two tails forming from the base of the shell. Kirito let out a loud shout that sounded more like a roar than a yell. Kirito, now in his enhanced tailed best cloak, turned around to face the tree behind him and made the hand seals Tiger-Dog-Snake. Two wooden figures emerged from the tree in front of him, forming into two exact copies of himself. These wood clones suddenly emanated an extreme power and craters formed underneath them as they took on the same Bijuu cloak that Kirito had on. They looked like miniature versions of the Sanbi. Their cloaks had the clearly defined shells on their back, two tails originating from its base. The chakra covering their faces was an obvious replica of Isobu's but the cloak was formed so tightly around them that you could still make out Kirito's features underneath it. So this is what he looked like when using the tailed beast cloak.

'Well, this is more entertaining. I wonder what will happen next.'

This was going to be difficult. Kirito had to face two copies of himself with all the same abilities and using their tailed beast cloak. At the very least he would be able to get some good battle experience from this. Kirito pulled Kubikiribocho from his back and brought it down in front of him, holding it with both hands. His two clones charged him from both sides. Kirito swung his sword at the clone coming from his right. The clone ducked and spun a full 360 degrees to his right, aiming a low kick at Kirito's legs to knock him off balance.

Simultaneously, the second clone, now behind Kirito, aimed a high kick with his right leg at the back of Kirito's head. Kirito raised one of his two tails to block the high kick. Suddenly he was knocked into the air, back facing down, due to the first clone's low kick. The second clone took this opportunity to slide underneath Kirito and aim several more high and low kicks, 4 in total, at his head, back and legs sending him flying higher into the air.

Kirito had been unable to counter his two wood clone's attacks. Now he was 7 meters high in the air facing straight up at the sky, his back to the ground due to his clone's Leaf Whirlwind attack. Underneath his cloak, his skin became a near black color, being covered in a layer of hardened earth as he activated his Earth Release: Earth Spear technique. He let go of Kubikiribocho which he had held onto with his right hand and flipped 180 degrees in the air so that he was now facing the ground and grabbed his sword out of the air with his left hand. He could see his two clones on the ground underneath him waiting to perform their next attack. Now that Kirito was falling back to earth, he aimed his descent at the clone in front of him to his right and grabbed Kubikiribocho so that he was holding it with both hands over his head, intending to cleave his clone in two. That was when the clone to his left pulled his own Kubikiribocho from its back and jumped at Kirito, using his own two tails to push off the ground and give him an extra boost. As the clone swung his blade at Kirito in mid air, Kirito was forced to turn and face the clone, swinging Kubikirbocho so that the two swords clashed in mid air with a flurry of sparks before Kirito and his clone pushed away from each other and landed facing each other 5 meters away.

'Your clones are kicking your ass boy. How pitiful. You should be ashamed.' Isobu said from within Kirito's mind. 'Shut the hell up. I don't need any more distractions right now.' Kirito snapped. He knew where he stood against his clones and Isobu putting his own two sense in didn't help. He decided it was safer to not use his sword and so he swung it over his right shoulder with his right arm and let it click back into place into the custom holster he had strapped to his back, his clone did the same. Where had the other one gone? 'Behind you boy.'

Too late. The wood clone that Kirito had lost track of, had just low kicked him from behind and sent his ass into the sky facing upward again, for the second time. Apparently the first wood clone was nothing more than a distraction. 'How did you let them get the drop on you for the second time?' Kirito heard Isobu say in his mind before he was dragged away to the oceanic prison in which the giant three tailed turtle was sealed. 'I'm tired of seeing my Jinchuuriki get his ass handed to him by his own clones. I think its time I showed you what true strength really is. Prepare yourself boy!'

Isobu had been submerged in the sea up until this point. After telling Kirito to prepare, he suddenly emerged himself from the depths and charged him, turning into a spiked spinning ball. Kirito barely had time to dodge Isobu's sudden attack. He had ran to his right at his max speed while simultaneously donning his bijuu cloak, the dark red cloak forming its shell on his back with all three tails at its base. He performed the hand seals Tiger-Dog-Snake and two clones formed from wood tendrils emerging from his body. The clones also donned the 3 tails cloak after they were fully formed and all three got down on all fours and began charging their chakra at their mouths, forming 3 dense black spheres of energy aimed at the beast.

Isobu had just released his attack and turned around to face Kirito, apparently gathering chakra for his own attack. It was too late though. Kirito and his wood clones had finished charging their tailed beast bombs and released all three at the Sanbi simultaneously. The attack sped towards the beast at unimaginable speed, creating a giant explosion upon imapct. It wouldn't be enough to kill the beast but it should injure him enough to stop him from continuing to fight if it worked. The three Kiritos began charging their bijuudamas once more in case they needed to fire another volley. When the explosion cleared however, it was revealed that their effort was rendered unnecessary. The 3 tails seemed to be injured albeit much less than Kirito had anticipated. He didn't look to be in a mood to fight any longer though and Kirito was glad for that. He released his wood clones and his cloak, returning to normal as Isobu finally spoke again. 'Apparently I did not need to drag you in here at all. You are powerful in your own right young one. Go back for now and make quick work of your two clones. Soon I may grant you my full power. There is but one last test for you to prove to me you are worthy of it.'

Those were the last words he remembered before he was suddenly back in the same position he had been when being dragged away, in mid air facing up at the sky. Instead of letting himself get blasted upward again like last time, Kirito completed his bijuu cloak, growing two more tails to make the full three and extended his right tail to wrap around the clone that had kicked him. Kirito spun to his left in mid air, bringing the clone he had grabbed with him and launching it at the second clone. Then, landing back on the ground on all fours, he used all the of his tails to push him forward enhancing his speed even further as he charged the two clones, pulling Kubikiribocho from his back. He was moving so fast they didn't have time to react as he cleaved them both in two with his large Executioner's Blade. The clones upper bodies topple over onto the ground and faded into the earth. He swung his sword over his right shoulder using his right arm an locked it into place on his back as he released his bijuu cloak. That was enough training for today he decided and he turned to head back toward his village.
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Arcanis Lord of Time

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Kirito learns some stuff Empty
PostSubject: Re: Kirito learns some stuff   Kirito learns some stuff EmptyTue Feb 03, 2015 4:44 pm

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Kirito learns some stuff
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