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 Forbidden Art: Limiter Removal

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Forbidden Art: Limiter Removal Empty
PostSubject: Forbidden Art: Limiter Removal   Forbidden Art: Limiter Removal EmptyMon Feb 09, 2015 1:52 pm

Mission Name: Forbidden Art: Limiter Removal
Rank: S Rank
Type: Rigorous Training
Character Requirements: 
Mission Location: Anywhere
Word Count Requirements: 5k
Repeatable? yes
Reward: Able to start training 8 gates

Task: The ability to open the inner gates come only with practice and hard work.  While focusing on the gates the user is to complete some extreme training such as walking a tight rope over a waterfall on their hands.  or climbing a cliff face using only one arm.  or fighting an extremely powerful foe.

"Do not concern yourself with my origin, my race, or my ancestry. Seek my record in the pits, and then make your wager."
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Forbidden Art: Limiter Removal
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