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 The Great Battle of Nibishi! [Prologue Flashback]

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The Great Battle of Nibishi! [Prologue Flashback]  Empty
PostSubject: The Great Battle of Nibishi! [Prologue Flashback]    The Great Battle of Nibishi! [Prologue Flashback]  EmptyWed Feb 11, 2015 8:02 pm

The Uchiha were planning on leading a strike against nearby Senju camps; and today so happened to be young Kaito's first day joining his kin in battle. It was safe to say that he was nervous, with stories circulating throughout the Uchiha camp of how powerful the Senju were. They were indeed masters of Ninjutsu and were probably the only threat to the Uchiha clan. Out in the main yard the younger children who were going to be put to the test stood lined up. Kaito was one of them. He stood there trembling to the point where he was just about to piss on himself. Before him were his brothers, who had already witnessed the horrors of war. Young soldiers who were afraid of nothing. True Uchiha. They chuckled to themselves as their brother shook in armor. Poor Kaito, forced into something like this. 

From the main tent walked out the leader who'd be taking the field with the rookies, Mao Uchiha. He was a feared man and held an outstanding record, killing over one-hundred men from each clan he faced. Mao walked back and forth, observing his fresh batch of soldiers and stopped on Kaito. "Why do you tremble boy?" The other children on the line looked towards Kaito. At this point he was sweating bullets. With all the attention on him he'd drop, "I-I am afraid..." Everyone laughed; this boy had just made himself the center of mockery. From now on he'd be a coward to them! From the sideline he could even see his father lower his head in disgrace.  Such a terrible start to the day he was going to be sent into battle. "Afraid? We do not fear anything boy! You act like this and you die. It's as simple as that!" Mao turned away from the child and centered his attention on the whole line, "Today, we shall lead an attack on the Senju of Nibiki Forest! I expect nothing less than total defeat! They shall witness the power of the Uchiha today!" Everyone shouted simultaneously, roaring out as their morale increased. 

Kaito remained quiet. Shaking still. His brothers walked over to him to comfort him but it wasn't enough. Just the thought of this day being his last bothered him. What would he do out there? He was approached by his older brother, Jin, one of the best warriors, despite his age. "Brother, you shouldn't fear the battle. We'll come out victorious! People will die but I will make sure that you come out of this alive." Sanosuke, second oldest stepped forward to hug Kaito. Out of the three brothers he was always the most loving. "Do not worry. I'll protect you Kaito." Of the three one remained where he was. Nigoku, named after his father, was a tough one. There was no room for weakness to him. That was his mentality. "Kaito must learn how to grow strong! Acting like that he'll surely die." The two other brothers struck him with looks before walking off with Kaito. It was time to move.......

A battalion of over three hundred warriors traveled throughout the valley. For three hours they walked and walked, Nibishi being their destination. Kaito could feel his legs giving up on him, but Sanosuke was always there to hold him up. When they finally reached the forest they entered with caution. There would surely be traps so they had to be careful. Mao was in the lead, some of the strongest Uchiha accompanying him in the front. They walked through the dense forest until Mao suddenly stopped. "Something's not right." All of the sudden a rain of kunai poured down from the trees. Taking defensive procedure, Mao used an Earth based technique to protect as many as he could! It was no use! Senju shinobi stormed from the side using Earth techniques to crush the defense. 

Both clans clashed and Kaito found himself at the center. The boy knelt down and closed his eyes, unable to participate in the manslaughter. When he opened his eyes he could see shinobi being cut down! Men and children killed before him! "No! No!" During the madness Kaito had been spotted; a Senju had seen the boy from afar and decided that he'd end the coward himself. He rushed in to pierce the small boy with his katana but was met by Sanosuke, "You're not touching him!!!" The two clashed before Kaito, attacking each other relentlessly. One with the goal of protecting his brother and the other with the goal of killing the enemy. 

For a second it appeared that Sanosuke had the edge but the Senju did not come alone! Another Senju warrior had used Shunshin to flank Sanosuke, who was busy battling the other, and drove a blade into his back. Kaito stared in horror as his brother was repeatedly stabbed and killed. The boy stared in horror, his eyes changing to a crimson color. "Sanosuke!!!!!!!" He quickly stood up and ran at the Senju, driving his blade into his side, pulling the blade out after to attack the other. They both clashed, but Kaito being as small as he was, was able to deliver cuts to his legs. Upon receiving the slashes he dropped to the floor, open to Kaito's fury! The boy had jumped onto the man, driving his blade into his throat. With every little ounce of energy he made sure that Sanosuke was avenged. He'd aid the Uchiha in battle and help them overtake the forest. By morning the battle had ended. Countless bodies were scattered and among them was Sanosuke. 

Kaito, Jin and Nigoku surrounded the boy, lifting him up and setting him onto a crafted platform. All of the fallen Uchiha received the same treatment. They'd never leave a comrade behind. It was a custom to bring back the deceased to give them a proper burial. Who knew how his family'd react. Sanosuke was one of the most loved among the Uchiha. Kaito couldn't help but to think of how much he'd miss him. 

During the burning of the bodies, Kaito sat there staring into the flames; his new eyes glowing in the shadow. There was no telling what was to come.....


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The Great Battle of Nibishi! [Prologue Flashback]  Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Great Battle of Nibishi! [Prologue Flashback]    The Great Battle of Nibishi! [Prologue Flashback]  EmptyWed Feb 11, 2015 9:08 pm

The Great Battle of Nibishi! [Prologue Flashback]  Cf6dd0c074a5fd44f4c0388a9cb61a82
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The Great Battle of Nibishi! [Prologue Flashback]
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